Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stash Report - 3 finishes

So excited to report today. I have had 3 finishes this week. Yay! Go me! 

I have finished
 Pretty Pinwheels - This quilt is destined for my next great niece or nephew, due in April (I think... bad great aunty I am) Its bigger than the quilts I usually give to babies but since this bub is their 3rd I asked my nephew and his wife if they would prefer a bigger quilt this time and they said yes. They use the quilts I have made their son and daughter now aged almost 4 and 2 on their beds and they are a bit small for that purpose. Hence... the disappearing pinwheel quilt that grew considerably from my original plans for it... is perfect for them. I detailed my quilting and finishing of this in my Work In Progress Wednesday  last week but because it is so gorgeous here is another peak at it
Pretty Pinwheels from Missouri Star pattern Disappearing Pinwheels

My next finish, which was also detailed in my WIP report was Blue Shirt Off My Back (SOMB) which I have decided to call Sombre Blue... Shirt Off My Back Recycled.

Sombre Blue

My third finish for the week was the brown version of the SOMB quilt now called Brown Sombreoro (Shirt off my back recycled original oi .. the oi is very Aussie... there is a well known Australian Chant... Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi) I finished it last night about 10 PM... I was determined to have it done by today.

My husband, Fixit Guy, was tied up with meetings all weekend so I had a pretty clear run at the work. Started quilting in Friday afternoon and was really cranky with myself when I ran out of thread mid evening. Darn it. I didn't even have something close that I could fudge it. It felt like a really wasted opportunity.

I bought more thread and was able to get back to it Saturday afternoon. I had lots of fun with this one trying a few different things with my quilting. I used lots of general stilping but also incorporated some shapes - I did an abstract tree in the centre, It didn't show up well in the photo so I haven't included it. I did some clouds and a sun up the top and down the bottom a did a heap of flower shapes. I did a vine and flower motif around the border. 

The Sun and Clouds showed up well on the back

You can see the sun on the front as well

Once again I have machined stitched the binding. I am really enjoying using the different fancy stitches on my machine. This time the wiggley line echoed the wiggles of the stipple stitch I used which was a nice contrast to the super geometric design of the nine-patch and sashing blocks.

Quilt pieced back

My stash report for my three finishes is as follows

Pretty Pinwheels 6.69m fabric used
Somber Blue 7.39m  used 
Brown Sombrero 8.12m used for a total of 22.2 metres used this week (and this month)

Purchases - .7 m of little cake fabric (sorry refuse to say cup cake as that is very American. I would use patty cake which is what we called them when I was growing up and I continue to call them that but recognise that my international audience might struggle with that expression) I am collecting patty cake fabric for a quilt that I am making to celebrate my trip to the UK last year. Fangirl and I made morning/afternoon tea stops a feature of our trip. I loved visiting Brittish tea shops. I found an applique pattern featuring a teashop on my one and only visit to a quilt shop whilst overseas. I haven't made it yet but plan to ... as soon as I can find what I did with the pattern.

Oops digression there. Back to stash report

So totals for the year

Total used                              53.06
total purchased                       13.31
Net fabric used                       39.75         

Other stash reports can be found at Patchwork Times         


  1. Three finishes--I'm impressed! Excellent!

  2. I love your SOMB quilts. Perfect guy quilts! I am in the middle of making a disappearing pinwheel quilt - your family is going to love their quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Those are fabulous quilts. Great job on the finishes!

  4. Love the quilting! And I love the idea of using the fancy stitching on the machine for the binding. I think I'm going to have to do that. Those suckers hardly ever get used and I feel so badly for them. :) :) :) ~Melanie

  5. All of these turned out so well! Great piced back on the one. Good job on the stash, as well.

  6. Congrats on all the finishes! So a patty cake is the same as a cupcake? That would explain the children's rhyme, "Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man...." Love your machine quilting ideas, too!

  7. WOW! What a bonanza of finishes.

  8. You have had an awesome week of finishes. You go girl!!