Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Stash report

Another week of  no completions and as predicted there was some input.

I had a lovely birthday celebration at our patchwork group meeting on Wednesday. Its my birthday this month so after our monthly meeting I was presented with my birthday gift from the birthday club we run. My gift was 3 Scrap Bags from Keepsake Quilting. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I thought when I heard our president, who organises the Birthday Club talking about it, that it was a bag of random fabrics in a bag - just assorted left over fabrics. Not at all. The Scrap Bags are 12 regular 1/4 yard cuts (skinny quarters is what I have known them as) ie 9" x 44". The fabrics are not random but in specific families

The Scrap Bags I received were "Singing the Blues", "Jewel Box" and "Popsicle Stick" - an absolutely gorgeous range of fabrics. The celebrations continued with a special morning tea and later a shared lunch. It was a lovely morning.
My birthday gift spread out  - a beautiful array of colours

Jewel Box
Singing the Blues

Popsicle Stick

It did mean 9 yards of fabric to add to my stash which is 8.23metres
I haven't had any finishes this week. I do however have a quilt in the process of being quilted (Disappearing Pinwheel) and 2 quilts the blue and the brown "Shirt Off My Back" quilts pinned ready to be quilted so if I put my head down and get busy this week I could have a few finishes by next week. I live in hope.

So the stash report goes as follows
Used this week                                       0m
Gained this week                                    8.23m
Used YTD                                           30.86m
Gained YTD                                        20.84m
Net used                                              10.02

So I'm still in positive territory and hoping for some big finishes before I get to the end of the month

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  1. Beautiful additions to your stash! I've not seen those scrap bags from Keepsake Quilting before--I'll have to remember those next time I feel a need to add to my scrap stash. You WILL have some finishes soon, I have no doubt!

  2. Love those fabrics. I would keep track of my stash if I REALLY knew what I had!!! LOL

    1. AJ I have no idea of what I have in my stash - well not amount. I just started at the beginning of the year to track fabric in and fabric out... there is no overall total. That is way beyond my ability to compute

  3. What a fun surprise and Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks Jackie. It was a great surprise. Now to decide what to do with them. They might just go into the stash and be absorbed in many projects. Atm they are on my cupboard so I can admire and pet as I got past