Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - Getting my Quilty On

I wasn't able to do any quilting for 3 days leading up to my last stash report but have made up for the lack since.

At home I managed to get 2 quilts finished - quilted and bound although not as yet labelled. One I can't label till the baby it is for is born but the other one can be finished off... will do that soon. 

My disappearing pinwheel quilt, my first one, is done. I've called it Pretty Pinwheels.  This is to be a gift to my next great niece of nephew due in a few weeks. I was really happy with how it finished up. 

My quilting was far from perfect... lots of bubbles and pleats but still... looks good and I was a bit more adventurous than I have been. First of all I sewed stitch in the ditch along the sashing strips. This might have been a mistake as it trapped excess fabric and I ended up with some pleats and puckers when I came to quilt the sashing strips themselves. 

I did a spiral over the pinwheel at the centre of each block . I echo quilted around the churn dash block. I was lazy and did it with the darning foot. I started off using the walking foot but man I got sick of trying to manhandle the quilt around each time I came to a corner I changed direction so gave up on that very quickly

 I did more spirals in some of the sashing strips going one way but continuous ones this time so I went in and then came out.  I continued the spirals on the white border all around . They worked pretty well and I was happy with them (apart from the pleats and puckers that came up at times) 

On the sashing going the other way I did chains of hearts;
The hearts on the border

 I did large hearts on the pinwheel border with smaller hearts on the white strips between. I machined the binding back and front choosing one of the many decorative stitches my machine has.

The cornerstones -mini disappearing pinwheels

Quilt corner

The Blue Shirt Off My Back (SOMB) was my second finish this week. I decided not to stay stitch this, which was the recommendation I had been following from my Wendy Butler Byrnes quilting class on Craftsy.

 I decided to stipple this one.  I am trying to improve my quilting and do stuff that is more challenging but... I love stippling so decided that it was the best choice for this super scrappy quilt. So I stippled the body of the quilt. On the blue border though I decided to echo the square nature of the quilt with a continuous square pattern.

It was fun to do. For the binding which I also machined back and front I chose a square pattern and I loved the way it turned out. I decided to be a good little quilter and put in a new needle to quilt this quilt and wouldn't you know it... I hit a pin about half an hour later and broke it. New needle in I set off again only to break another needle an hour or two later probably by pulling to hard as I moved the quilt under the needle. Man was I annoyed at myself!

My other work in progress is my blue Disappearing Pinwheel "Disappearing into the Blue". I worked on it today at our patchwork meeting and made good progress. All the blocks are together and I have started to put the pinwheels for the border together. I am only working on it on Wednesday. These photos were taken over a few weeks.

The pinwheel blocks all done
Sewing the blocks

All the blocks sliced up ready to be reassembled

arranging the bits
assembling the block

assembling the blocks some more

The finished blocks.

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  1. Very lovely! Love the churn dash with the pinwheel!

  2. Your first disappearing pinwheel is so cheerful! You have been getting soooo much done! I just keep starting things.