Monday, November 24, 2014

Fitness Friday on Monday

I'm running very late with my post this week... fitness friday on monday! Oops. A weekend with limited internet access is going to be my excuse.

Busy week with lots of steps this week. As I have said in other posts since I have been on holidays... I am not worrying about what I am eating.

I am trying hard to keep my steps up and this week I have managed it.


Saturday We drove from Apollo Bay to Lorne and on the way we went on a number of walks as well as a lovely long walk along the pier at Lorne Steps 10 273

Carrisbrook Falls
Sheoak Falls


Lorne Pier

Sunday We didn't go far from our little cottage for a lot of the day but we did walk down to the shops to buy something and later for a long walk along the beach and around Apollo Bay Steps 12 858

Monday We packed up and moved to a new camping spot at Princetown. Along the way we went for afew walks to see various sights. We went up to the see The Twelve Apostles... twice and also Loch Ard Gorge - also twice. (we had gone about 1.30 and it was so crowded with 8 busloads of tourists there at the same time so we went back at sunset and it was much much quieter) We also walked around Port Campbell Steps 16 492
First of the Twelve Apostles from the beach at Gibson's Steps

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road
Thunder Cave, Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road Victoria

Twelve Apostles in the Afternoon light

The Two Twelve Apostles on the other side of the lookout


Tuesday We went to Otway Fly - a great day out where we walked around giant Myrtle Beech and Mountain Ash trees. We went on the Zipline Tour - flying through the air... not a lot of steps but heaps of fun. Later we did the tree top walk - fabulous to walk up in the tops of the trees. We also went to another National Park and had a walk again through giant trees. We walked beside the Young Creek and saw the Triplet Falls. Back at Princetown we went down a sand 4WD only track and walked beside the beach but we couldn't get down to it because there was no track down to it. Steps 16 132

Cloudstation, Zipline Tour, Otway Fly

Rainforest Walk, Otway Fly

Fixit Guy and me on the cantilever on the Treetops walk at Otway Fly

From the top of the tower on the Tree tops walk looking down at the walkway

a bug on the wattle blossom

Wednesday We had a huge day - touring the site of the Otway Lighthouse - exploring all the different buildings in the precinct. Later we drove to 3 different  beaches of historical significance to the Light house. Two of them had relics from some of the 100 plus wrecks in the area over the years. One of them was the site where the provisions for the light house were landed and where rock for buildings was taken from. Steps 22 209 (I admit to doing some extra running on the spot as I was determined to catch up to FG's steps. He is always ahead of me... I say its because he's shorter than me so takes more steps)

Twelve Apostles in the morning light

anchor from the "Fiji" on Wreck Beach

Cape Otway Lighthouse

Thursday We packed up our camp site at Princetown and were going to camp at Port Fairy but it was threatening rain so we ended up coming on to Hamilton and staying in a unit. Heavy rain was forecast but of course having made the decision... it didn't rain. We did get to visit the remaining iconic formations along the coast on our way.... The Arch, London Bridge, The Bay of Islands, The Bay of Martyrs, and The Grotto. Steps 10684
boat ramp Bay of Martyrs

The Grotto, Great Ocean Road

Bay of Islands, Great Ocean Road

The Grotto

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road

Friday we drove across to Warracknabeal to stay with my cousin. On the way we explored a couple of waterfalls. We went into town with my cousin to pick up the kids from school and explored the town for a while and then had fish and chips in the park before heading back out to the farm Steps 10 404

So how have you gone this week with your exercise and health goals?


  1. I can't believe there are no comments on this post... Maybe you just haven't approved them yet? I'm so happy for you, the places you are experiencing/discovering are gorgeous, and you will have memories for a lifetime! Your pictures are so lovely, sharp and full of colors, I love lookong at them! We love the beach (not much at summerttime though), and your photos make me wanna go back again. Enjoy the ball you are having, and great job step wise! XO

  2. I rarely comment on blogs, my bad, but these pictures are fantastic! I love them so much that I may have copied one for myself to enjoy. You take beautiful photos, and please let me know if I stepped over the line. I needed a new background and the picture up on the cliff before the lighthouse picture just spoke to me. :) Cheers! - Darla

  3. I am blown away by the photos and the steps! Both are fantastic!