Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Tea Shop Quilt
I completed a lot of hand stitching this week. Visiting with my cousin over the weekend we sat in the lounge at her place most evenings and I would stitch whilst we chatted. In the car driving from Warracknabeal to Adelaide I finished off the last few bits of the last few blocks I was working on. This means all the blocks I had prepped are cone. There are a few more blocks that I need to decide what I am going to do on them and then prepare them so I can do the applique. I have the background fabric, patterns and other fabrics that I can use as well as the iron on stuff. However I am also thinking about incorporating some stitcheries and the patterns for those are still at home so I may have to leave it till we return home at the end of next week. I am still thinking about it!

In the car driving from Warracknabeal to Adelaide I completed the last few bits on some of these applique

One little cup hadn't been ironed down but I was able to stitch it down by holding it carefully and stitching

I bought some new Christmas patterns at Warracknabeal that incorporates some stitcheries. I bought the background fabric to do them on as well so I could prep those and work on them as my hand project instead.

Whilst staying with my cousin I offered to do some mending for her. Her children bought out a number of stuffed toys that needed stitching on my first night there and then the next day Jo gave me (at my request) a pile of things that needed mending. I set up my sewing machine on my table in the loungeroom and happily sewed the day away... fixing seams, taking up hems, sewing on buttons. My cousin's husband had a pile of trousers that needed to be shortened. This is a job I am used to as my husband, Fixit Guy's pants always need to be shortened. Not the most exciting sewing but very satisfying and I was happy to help my cousin where I could. Whilst I was stitching Fixit Guy was also busy. He fixed the toaster, glued together some toy furniture and played lots of games with the 4 kids.

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  1. What a cheerful quilt the tea and cupcakes will be. Its nice you could stay so long with Josie too.

  2. The Tee quilt is funny - like it!

  3. The Tea Shop blocks look soo irresistibly yummy - I'm gaining weight by just looking!

  4. Love the teapots and the cupacakes, this will be gorgeous when finished!

  5. Great work! So your trip is coming to a close? How does that feel? It's been a real odyssey!

    1. really mixed feelings. It will be good to get home again but it has been so much fun

  6. Your teacup shop quilt is going to be such a bright happy quilt, great colours and the tea cups look delicious!!!!! Lovely shots of the outback. Glenda

  7. so charming. And so was the pic at the bottom! Nice family... LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. The teacups and cupcakes are amazing, quite like you! Love the redwork patterns.