Friday, November 28, 2014

Fitness Friday - up and down week

Its been a really up and down week exercise wise. Staying with people and staying in cities is not good for the step count!

Saturday we were at my cousin Jo's place. I spent the day sewing so was more sedentary than usual. We did go for a little walk around the farm but it had rained and started to rain again. The soil is clay based so very sticky so we ended up with chunky shoes! Some jogging on the spot (to catch up to Fixit Guy's step count for the day) got me up to a more respectable  6 567 steps

Sunday we went to church and then on a bbq to a local lake. The kids swam but we adults sat and chatted. Later I realised that there was a track around the lake that I could have at least attempted but by then Jo was dressing the kids ready to head home. FG and I headed out on a walk up the road for a couple of kms so ended up with passing our target for the day 11 039 steps

At the playground by the lake

Tree by the lake

My cousin's youngest worn out by swimming at the lake

Monday we left the farm and drove to friends at Bordertown. On the way we visited a National Park - Little Desert National Park and did a couple of small walks in there. We also explored the small town on Dimboola on foot, spending time in their art gallery and buying some lunch at a cafe. We arrived just after the roadworks crew had knocked off for lunch so we had a bit of a wait for our food and then had no tables to eat it at. Probably the busiest half hour the place sees. Steps 11 193

Tuesday we drove into Adelaide, dropped the trailer off a our friends house (she was at work) and then drove across town to visit a quilting friend of mine who took me to her favourite quiting shop for a bit of a browse. Back at our hosts place we sat and chatted and so my step count was a bit sad... and even then it included a couple of thousand added by running on the spot at bedtime. 5 111 steps

My friend in Bordertown has this gorgeous organ they bought at auction years ago. It is very similar to one we own that I inherited from my grandparents. 

Wednesday. Our host had the day off work so she took us driving around her lovely city. At Victor Harbour we had a good walk around the shopping area (trying to find a patchwork shop that used to be tehre. We think its closed. Its certainly moved from where it had been) and then we walked out to Granite Island and walked around it. At bedtime I determinedly jogged for a while  on the spot to catch up to FG. He ends up 20 000 steps ahead of me on our weekly average otherwise. Steps 11 995

Granite Island

Yellow pig face 

Fixit Guy and I on Granite Island

Thursday. I spent most of the morning tracing off embroidery designs so as to have some hand work for the next part of our trip. FG was working on mending our friends watering system so he was doing quite a bit of walking around the yard although it wasn't very big. I then went out to lunch to catch up with 3 other friends through ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association. I was a counselor with them for almost 20 years) We sat and chatted for 4 hours. Back at the house our host was home and we ended up sitting eating cheese and crackers for a while and then we went out to dinner. Not surprisingly my step count was absolutely abysmal. I was very stubborn though and jogged for over 5 000 steps till I got to 10 000 steps! Steps 10 031

Lunch with my friends

This morning I braved it and got on the scales at our hosts. 93.4kgs ....  ooops. That means I have put on 4kgs this trip. I am glad that I have been trying hard to keep my exercise up. Imagine what it would have been if I hadn't been!

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  1. Hi Pip, all that added weight must be muscle because I'd been thinking from your photos that you looked like you were losing heaps. You are looking great - must be retirement!
    Did you know that with the new update, iphones from 5S and later have a pedometer? It sounds quite useful.