Thursday, December 4, 2014

Brief apology

Hey all sorry to have been absent this last week and missing Stash Update, WIP Wednesday and any other post I might have put up. My computer wouldn't go on the net so couldn't upload anything. I could have done an update from my phone but they are no fun. Now we are home and my Super Daughter Fangirl got me back on the net I promise there will be an avalanche of updates... well as soon as we get the trailer unpacked, the washing done, the dogs played with, the cat petted, the house Christmassed... friends visited and attended to etc.

In the meantime...

Here are some photos from our time in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Heaps of old ruins in the area, reminders of overstocking due to Government policy leading to failed ventures, drought, an arid landscape that just can't support large population

sap oozing from a tre

Sunset at the campground

river gums growing along the river bed


Shingleback lizard also known as the stumpy tailed skink

Wilpena Pount

Wilpena pound.

These fat bottomed trees reminded me of the song about fat bottomed girls

huge river gum at the Wilpena Resort and pool. The pool was delightful in the hot afternoons

another of my fat bottomed trees

Grass tree

kangaroo tail grass

the Beautiful Flinders Ranges - Heysen Range named after the painter Hans Heysen whose works made this area so familiar to many Australians

Wedgetail Eagle

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  1. Such beautiful photos! But it looks like you have your work cut out for you :) Did relatives take care of doggies and kitties? They must have missed you!