Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Fitness

We've been home for 9 days now and I think that I have only made my step count on a few of those days and two of those were because I jogged around the kitchen for half an hour before bed. I have LOTS of excuses

Busy. We have had late afternoon/ evening activities so many days since we got home - farewells for our minister, visiting people, setting up for activities at church. It has also been stinking hot and we have also had rain (which has relieved the stinking hot for a bit... then it just becomes stinking muggy) Rain in the morning or overnight has put us off walking in the morning as well. And then our dog Jack got sick - we had to take him to the vet and he ended up with an overnight stay and a small operation to clean out a puncture wound. He now has stitches and apart from being a bit wobbly on the first day he has been moving pretty well. The Vet said to keep him a bit quieter so that can be our excuse for not walking very much!! (Mind you keep a Fox Terrier quiet would mean sedation! When they are that small they can run around in anything except a shoe box!!)

Ok so the bad news.... my weeks worth of stats
Friday 9 993 - . We went out at night to a Quiz night so no evening walk but we managed a morning walk. My phone was flat so couldn't check my steps when we got home. If I had known how close I was to my goal I could have jogged for 10 secs and got over the line.

Our Quiz team. We didn't win... but we had lots of fun.

Saturday 4 829 - lots of sitting around chatting and some sewing... not so much walking. Farewell for our minister at night... lots more sitting around and talking

Sunday 5 901 -  church followed by church luncheon followed by decorating the Christmas tree and house and then Carols by Candlelight at night... not much time for walking

Monday 10 127 The dogs got a walk and did some jogging. There has been a fire through where we walk whilst we have been away and the bit of rain we have had has really greened it up along the river. Some old farm machinery that has been there forever now stands out more

Tuesday 10 069 There was a LOT of jogging on the spot for this result.... I was about 4000 at bedtime and I was determined to get over the line. We were going to go for an afternoon walk but visited our daughter instead

Wednesday 10 127 Patchwork all day  meant not so many steps but we did get in a dog walk at some point and again... lots of jogging on the spot. Our planned dog walk was thwarted by clipping one of them instead

Thursday 11 213 We managed a morning walk but the afternoon we were setting up for Walk Through Bethlehem. That involved lots of walking so for once no jogging to get me over the line

Actually looking at them... the stats aren't so bad. The few days after we got home were disastrous but obviously improved. But they were the week before so I don't have to go into those. So... not so bad afterall. Just 2 disaster days. Today is not shaping up too good though as I have a phone meeting shortly and then tonight we have "Walk Through Bethlehem" at our church... we set up market stalls etc to mimic the scene in Bethlehem. I am going to be on the baker's stall learning how to make narn bread from our lovely Indian friend... so I can do it on my own next week when she can't make it (we do the Walk 2 weeks running)

This delightful video came up on my Facebook feed recently. It is so great and should help lots of my lovely readers from the USA understand some of my Australianisms. Enjoy

I found a second one by the same couple. They are so lovely I thought that you can't get too much of a good thing!

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