Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final WIP Wednesday for 2014

New Years Eve is upon us and it's time for one more WIP Wednesday report

This week I have been working on a new project. It's been one I have been contemplating it for a year or 2. Fangirl made her dad a set of Doctor Who figures a for Christmas 2 years ago. They were designed to hang on a tree. I decided to use them on a log cabin tree that I had just completed. I also completed an advent hanger with little pockets for you to put little gifts in. I decided to use it to it the decorations for the tree in and the Doctor Who figures fitted pretty a a perfectly. trouble was that there weren't enough figures so Fangirl made some more over the next year and gave them to me when I visited her in the UK (where she lived for 2012-2013) she gave them to me. I wrote a blog post about the tree, the decorations and the advent pocket here

The wall hanging I made was in creams and green and was based upon a quilt that my friend Dawn had made.

 I had to draft the pattern myself and it took a bit of doing working out how many pieces of each size I needed. I was pleased with how it turned out but to be honest... It didn't really suit s Doctor Who themed decorations. So I went searching around for the calculations that I had made but I couldn't find them. Just thinking about redesigning it made my head ache

Then on a Facebook page I am s member of someone posted a picture of a tree wall hanging made from small square.

 I decided that I would make it the same size as the log cabin tree. I calculated that I was going to need just under 1600 1.5" pieces. The tree would be in blues and the background whites with a black stem. I wasn't going to go with the star or the presents... or the sleigh.

Firstly I sorted through my scrap bins for all my 1.5" squares in blues and whites. I also got out all my 1.5" strips in those colours. I pulled out 3", 4.5" and 6" strips. I sewed strips together sliced them across and built up strips. I also made a heap of half square triangles in blue and white.

I built the tree in groups of 6 strips 38 squares wide. Each strip had white and blue squares with the blue In the centre Starting with 2 half square triangles to be the peak I increased the row by 2 blues in each row. The 7th row i decreased the blues by 4 and then built it out again for 6 rows. I made a total of 5 sets this way. The last row the blue stretched right across the 38 squares

The trunk of the tree was made from black squares. 4 squares wide. I made it 10 rows. Looking at it I might have made the trunk a bit long but it's pretty good

Its not quite finished. I will put a border on it. I will probably do a tonal white 1' finished border on it first and then dark blue 2' border and will bind it in the same colour.

Apart from the Tardis Tree as I have called it, I have also done a bit of embroidery. We drove into the city to have a look at couches, shoes, clothes for a wedding we are off to. Its a 3 hour trip in and out and I did a bit stitching whilst going in and out (in between snoozing) and before it got too dark.

Its almost midnight so nearly the new year. Hope you are all having a great time where ever you are celebrating. I will do my New Year goals in another post.
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