Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - a couple of little finishes

My projects have all been little things this week.

First of all I made myself some Christmas coaster for our table.
They were rather spur of the moment and they were so fun that rather than stopping with the 6 I wanted for me I made 12, 6 for Fangirl. They don't actually match the table runner I made her but are bright and pretty Christmas colours. I made the pattern up as I went along. I used some of my 5" squares from my scraps. I had a heap of green triangles - not sure where from. They were varying sizes. I fused some double sided applique stuff to the triangle. (the name escapes me at the moment) and also to a strip of brown scrap. I arranged a 1cmx2cm scrap of brown fabric and 3 green triangles on the red squares to resemble a tree and fused them down. I cut 6" squares of batting and Christmas fabric to be the backing for each coaster. I put the backing fabric face down, then the batting and then the red squares with the applique tree on it face up. I sewed around the Christmas trees with a straight stitch, about 2 mm from the edge. So it was sort of Quilt as you go... at least it was applique and quilting all in one. I made sure that all the raw edges had a row of stitching near them. I trimmed the excess fabric off the edges. I used a variety of width of fabric for binding and found that the 2.5" worked the best. Maybe its because that is what I am used to . Mostly I stitched the binding on the back and folded it around to the front and then used a fancy stitch on my machine to stitch it down as neatly as I could. I tried a variety of stitches but the one that I liked the best was one that reminded me of tinsel.
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The 12 coasters used up .8 of a metre in total

Now I am itching to try a table runner with a large Christmas Tree on it that I can use some of these fancy stitches on to be the decorations. Will see how long the urge lasts!!

Then today I decided to make some to go with a table runner I have made as a present. These ones were pieced. I made 8 and use .48m

So the total usage for the week for 20 coasters was 1.28m.

I also made two pot holders as gifts. They are the first potholders I have ever made so was rather pleased with my self. I did crazy patch. As they are a gift and the receiver just might pop by I won't put photos of them up here yet. They are rather cute though. They were 7" square which is 17.78cms and used a total of .24 of a metre each.

Thats a total of 1.52ms for the week

I didn't buy any fabric

Used this week:                               1.521m

Added since last report                 o.0m

Year to Date Used                       140.53m
Year to Date added                       93.47m
Net Used                                           47.08m

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