Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I've been working on a diverse number of projects this week. I made several  table runners which I managed to complete and so they appeared on my stash report. I also made 2 little angel quilts - quilts for babies born too early who don't make it. They made it to the stash report as well.
Apart from them I have done a little bit of sewing on the Vanishing Hours. I have managed to sew a few more rows together but still have another few to go before the centre is together and then I will put a plain green sashing on before the piano key  and the hour glass borders. I was going to work on it today at Patchwork but forgot to get my little machine out of my car before Boyo borrowed it for work. So... did some handwork instead.

I have done a little bit of stitching on my redwork embroideries. This is my hand project and is small enough to go into a tiny bag that I can carry in my handbag. It is so good to have something so little and portable to work on. I was glad to have it today at patchwork group.

Not that there was much time for stitching at Patchwork today as it was our Christmas breakup. We had morning tea and then did some stitching before we came back together to exchange gifts. We played the Left Right game. A story was read out and every time the word Left was heard, we passed the gift we had to our left and when the word Right was heard the parcel went to the right. When the story finished you got the present that we were holding. Last year I wrote a story to use in this game but someone told me recently that there are heaps on the net so I just googled Left Right Game and had a heap to choose from. The one I used this year was based on Clement Moore's "Twas The Night Before Christmas" that I found with a heap of others here

The other project that I have worked on this week were Christmas ones that were joint projects with my daughter Fangirl. On Sunday night together with another friend Bek we put together a ginger bread house. We didn't make our own ginger bread. The whole thing was a kit and it went together really well and has stayed together as well. It looks so good. I get a thrill out of looking at it each time I walk through the kitchen.
Here's Bek hard at work with the icing bag.

Its currently in the centre of the kitchen table. Just in case it collapsed we had a dinosaur ready to goAre you confused by my dinosaur reference. This might explain it for you

A friend posted this on Facebook. I couldn't find where she got it from to reference it but it really tickled our sense of humour

Then they made Minion Baubles. Aren't they amazing. They were simply gold baubles, googly eyes and some denim duct tape (duck tape for you Americans) which they were really pleased to find. And craft glue. They made a heap of different ones including some that they put red felt tongues on. They drew the goggles on some two eyed ones as well.

Yesterday a friend sent us a link to a Doctor Who Gingerbread Tardis. I kid you not. Fangirl took one look and immediately decided we had to make it. She mixed up the dough and has left it in the fridge overnight as per instructions. She came back this afternoon to work on it some more The recipe and instructions are on Crafty Tardis . She and Kombi Boy got the dough rolled, cut into the appropriate shapes and iced together. This is what it is supposed to look like in the end

Fangirl objects to snow/winter pictures/snowmen because we are Australian and that is not our Christmas. She is not adding the white icing she says.

This poem is pretty good for explaining about Australian Christmas. Let me know if you need any of the terminology explained to you. There are a few unique terms in it.

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  1. wow, well done on the gingerbread house, it looks great! A very productive week for you all round.

  2. the Tardis is wonderful I want to make one.

  3. A Tardis gingerbread house? Now I've seen everything!

  4. Sounds like you have had some great family times!
    I love the Tardis!!