Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday Fitness

Friday again .This week has zoomed around so fast. Less than a week till Christmas. Must get those Christmas presents wrapped and finally pin down whether or not I have covered all my bases.

Fixit Guy and I have been walking regularly this past week and I have made my steps each day, for which I am pleased. Some of my friends though have been making huge steps so I haven't made as much progress on my Fitbit friends ladder but not too bad

Friday No walks on this busy day. Not sure why we didn't go in the morning but we  had our Walk Through Bethlehem on at night. We had to go up and set that up... and then when the rain was obviously coming we had to move everything into the hall. We set up our church yard to look like a street in Bethlehem. We have market stalls with a carpenter, leather worker, weaver and spinner, baker, pottery, and grocery stall. I was on the bakers stall. I had to learn to make Narn bread from our friend Charlotte who being Fijian Indian makes it all the time. She won't be there tonight for the second walk so I had to learn to do it so I can do it on my own tonight. I hope I remember how its done... might go practice again this morning. Fixit Guy is the carpenter. Fangirl was in the angelic choir who sang some carols and Boyo was a Roman Soldier. I did a fair bit of jogging on the spot before bed to get me over my target 10 314

I was the baker with my offsider Ben

Saturday 11 017 I think there was one walk in there and some jogging on the spot to get me over at the end. We had to clean the church so tidying that and mopping and dusting added some steps. Fixit Guy does the vacuuming

Sunday Very busy day and I don't think we managed any walks. We had church in the morning. In the afternoon Fixit Guy and I were on serving at the aged care  home's cafe. At night our friend Bek came to dinner along with Fangirl. Together we put together a gingerbread house and then the girls made Minion baubles. There was a fair bit of running around at the cafe but I still did a bit of on the spot jogging to get me over the line. Some of that was done out side late at night watching the comet shower that Australia was experiencing 10 630 steps

Monday Big day. Two walks and shopping does it to you. We also cleaned the house.16 378
Tuesday morning walk (at least I think there was) We got one walk in anyway. I think there was a bit of jogging on the spot to get me over the line though. 11 005 steps

Wednesday Big Day. Got a morning and evening walk in so the fact that for most of the day I was at our patchwork group for our final pre Christmas gathering and then our present exchange and lunch. Lovely day. . Not going to think about the kgs just yet. 14 625

Thursday  We got in a morning walk but in the afternoon we had visitors coming for tea so that makes walking a bit hard. I did do some shopping though and that can put on the steps. Fangirl came over in the afternoon to finish off making the gingerbread Tardis she had started making here earlier in the week. Made the dough one day. Rolled and baked it another and Finished it on the 3rd day
10 818

Boo was the closest we could come to an alien. The Dorothy the Dinosaur figure was in reference to a meme we had seen re if you gingerbread house falls down, add a dinosaur. Not sure that this inoffensive little dinosaur was quite what anyone had in mind.

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