Thursday, January 1, 2015

Final Stash Report for 2014

My final report for the year.

I haven't had a finish this last week but I do have a couple of quilts that will be finished early in the New Year. The Tardis Quilt needs a border and then to be sandwiched and quilted. Vanishing Hours needs a couple more borders on it. I will quilt Tardis Quilt myself but I am going to send Vanishing Hours to my friend Kym to get her to quilt it. 

I have used a total of 140m of fabric and made 25 quilts ranging in size from min quilts wall hangings to queen bed quilts. I have also made coasters, pot holders, my first bag, table runners, wall banners and curtains

I have bought over 96m of fabric which is more than I would have liked but I have ended the year having used 44 metres more than I bought so that is a good start.

My actual figures for the year are

Used since last report:                   0.0m

Added since last report                 3.0m

Year to Date Used                       140.53m
Year to Date added                       96.47m
Net Used                                           44.08

Looking forward to tracking again next year

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