Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goals Review

   January is almost over so about time I had a look at my January goals and see how I have gone with them. My goals for this month were

January Goals
1) tidy sewing cupboards and room.
2) locate and list all UFOs order them and make plans for finishing them 
3) complete Vanishing Hours
4) complete Tardis Christmas Tree

I did tidy one of the cupboards (the one with the fabric in it) and also sorted out the sewing desk drawers but not sure you would know it now!

I didn't locate and list all my UFOs but I still want to do that. Might have to bump that goal to next month (or get really busy in the next 2 days!!)

I have completed the top and back of Vanishing Hours and have sent it off to the longarmer. I think that is really what I meant when I made this goal but perhaps I did have hopes of having it completed. That isn't going to happen.

Tardis tree is pinned ready to quilt. It is possible that I might get it done by Saturday night. I still have 3 days.

So haven't really completed any of the goals properly.

Yearly Goals.

Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us challenged us to choose a technique for 2015 - something we had wanted to learn or master for a while but had yet to conquer. I chose Paper piecing and have to say that I am going really well with this.

I have joined the POD challenge from Fandom in Stitches (a 30 week challenge of paper pieced blocks based on a book shelf from Harry Potter) I have completed the 3 weekly blocks released so far. I have also completed 3 other paper pieced blocks as well

I also devised some goals of my own.

1) continue to track my fabric use and purchases with an aim to having a bigger net usage this year than last. 
With the help of my husband (Fixit Guy) I have a revised Excel Spreadsheet to track my purchases and usage. Its designed to measure in metres (or part there of) so if anyone would like a copy let me know. He's got it set up so that there is a constant running total both for purchases, usage as well as net position.

2) purchase fabric for usage not for stashing ie having a purpose for fabric bought 

I have stuck to this (yay me... but its only been a month) The only fabric I have bought has been for the POD. I bought the background fabric and the shelf fabric. I did get given some fabric from friends who travelled to Fiji. Can't help gifts. Oops just remembered that I bought some fabric on Massdrop... it wasn't for a specific project. Eek. So that would be a fail then wouldn't it. I haven't got it yet though so maybe I don't have to count it yet.....

3) make mini quilts for Anzac Day, Australia Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Birthday

I have started!! I made a mini quilt for Australia Day! Yay me

4) complete quilts for donation as required - aim for 25%

Well so far this year I haven't donated any quilts. I have started one for Angel Baby Quilts

5)list Craftsy classes and work on watching them. Do BOM one from 2012 was it?

I have watched a couple of episodes of the paper piecing class by Carol Doaks

) continue to blog regularly WIP Wednesday, Fitness Friday, Sunday Stash Report on weekly basis and then others as I see fit.

I have 13 blog posts for the month. I haven't always been on time but I have been regular. Fitness Friday has been the least regular but I am up there so that is a start.

How about you? Did you set yourself some goals for the year? How are they going?

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  1. I haven't set any goals but maybe I should... I have been posting regularly - maybe that should be a goal?