Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I've been working on several projects this week.

I've put the first border on Vanishing Hours. It didn't go on so well... two sides were ok but two sides didn't fit properly and initially I added an extra bit to make them fit because I didn't want to unpick them but today I knew that I had to take them off and go again so I did and after a good bit of easing and squeezing and carrying on I managed to get them on. Then I started on the hourglass border. That has also taken a good bit of "managing" to get that organised. By the end of my day at Patchwork I had the 4 sides stitched together but not attached to the quilt. Next week for that I hope. Then there will only be the piano key border to attach.

I've also worked on Tardis Tree. I've put the border on it. I need to get some batting before I can finish it up. I would like to buy a roll of batting but trying to get prices on them is proving difficult. I will go into our local shops and price it there this week and try again online and see how we go.

I've completed several small projects as well.  I have a sister named Joy and I had this country coloured square featuring the word Joy. I made it into a little banner which I'll send off to her. I used the method described by Katie from Katie's quilting corner to make it into a simple hanging picture.

I also worked on 2 blocks for our Patchwork clubs block of the month. When I went away on holidays the idea had been that all the blocks would be in blue and white I thought but whilst I was away the idea was revised and they changed the colours for each month. So the blue and white one here I knew was definitely wrong. However I had already prepped the fabric for it so I made it anyway.

I had previously made the block below in blue and white but I knew that one of the blocks had to be red white and black so I made this one again accordingly.

I took them up to Patchwork today and ... yeah... they were both wrong. I should have made the above one in white and pink and the blue and white one was supposed to be the red, black and white. Oops. Never mind. They will all get used in the quilts we will make for charity at some stage, even if they go into the backs.

So at some stage I have to make these two blocks again in the correct colours. Then I might volunteer to put some of the blocks that have come in into a quilt top.

I've started to make a zipper pouch as well using this YouTube video put up by Missouri Quilt Company. 

I haven't got far with mine... but I have started

Its been a productive week.

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