Sunday, January 18, 2015

Friday Finishes - Pouches - I think I'm addicted

Last week I watched a video from the Missouri Star Quilt company on YouTube on the subject of zipper pouches. Like many sewers- people who sew not the means by which sewerage is taken away (sorry can't used the term sewist - sounds way too pretentious to me... like monetizing... not my style) Where was I... oh yes like many people who quilt I don't like zips. My proper introduction to sewing 25 years ago was through stretch sewing... no zips there. I loved it. Sewed lots of track suits, jumpers, (pullovers for my american readers) dresses, tops, skirts... not a zip in sight. I have always been a bit scared of them. I have sewn them before... in sewing classes in first year of high school and at a workshop or two... but always with a teacher close handy to direct me step by step... or take over for the tricky bits (I have a knack of my project being the one used to demonstrate the tricky parts)

This YouTube video was simple and step by step and I knew that I could do it. I didn't want to go out and buy zips... was keen to use the small stockpile I had in my sewing stuff. It worked pretty well... like many Missouri Star tutorials it glossed over a couple of t parts which novices like me needed more guidance on - it took me a while to get the joins at the top of the bag looking ok.

Once completed though I was itching to have a go at another one. A dear friend gave me some fabric when she returned from a visit to Fiji to see her family. Its a traditional Fijian pattern. I used it for the outside and the lining and it worked really well

Still having an itch to scratch I made another pouch using some funky kombi van fabric that Fangirl gave me for Christmas 2013. It worked out really well too.

My range of zips is pretty limited... I only have 2 left in my stash and the colours are not great. I am reluctant to pay LQS prices - zips singularly can be rather pricey. So I've ordered some on eBay. $4 for 20 in some great colours. That should satisfy my pouch urges for a while. I might even get adventurous and go look for some other patterns... eventually.

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