Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Few more finishes

I have completed two little projects today. I started them about last Friday or maybe it was Saturday. It was another paper pieced project... well 2 actually. Bek is Fangirl's former house mate and our good friend too. We dog sit for her every day when she is at work and most holidays too. - Digby is her dog. It was her birthday on Sunday. I started to make this little project for her on Saturday and then decided I would make 2 and they took longer than I expected but eventually... I got them done. Bek loves Minions. Fangirl cross stitched her a little chart featuring their song on it. I know nothing or at least very little about Minions. I did know that she, Bek loves them. I googled minion patterns and found 2 paper pieced patterns. I was only going to make her one... but there were 2 patterns and which to choose.... so I made both. I found them on here Tweety Loves Quilting blog. I couldn't post progress photos as Bek is my friend and might have seen my blog or Twitter/Facebook post

The results weren't perfect and I did find that the pattern did have a fault in it (with the mouth) but eventually I was able to fudge my way around it. I also couldn't work out why the top and side white sections were divided into several pieces. The separate bits weren't needed for the construction of the block. They could have been in the one piece

Then I decided that I didn't like the dark blue border as the inner border so I swapped the borders and liked that much more. Then I added the embroidery and trims. I embroidered the other half of the mouth that wasn't quite right as per pattern.

I gave them to Bek this afternoon... only 2 days late. She seemed to like them. 

Fangirl travelled to Sydney this weekend for her cousins 30th birthday. She was able to take with her 2 quilts to deliver to 2 of her uncles who had turned 70. I gave them the first two quilts from my Shirt off my Back quilts, made for a quilting challenge last year. I blogged extensively at the start of last year about these quilts. Calling them Sombre Blue and Brown Sombrero. (for example here. My brothers in law loved them and sent me pictures of themselves under their quilts. Bek's present was only 2 days late. Ted was 70 2.5 years ago and Wayne 6 months ago.... so really in comparison her's was very prompt!!

I completed the next one of the POD blocks, choosing to do the simplest one. The alternatives were to the Deathly Hallows symbol instead of the potions bottle or the Dark Mark on the cover of the book. 

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