Friday, January 23, 2015

(Not so) Fitness Friday

Blergh. I just can't get it together this year. I keep trying to get the motivation up to lose the 6 kgs I have put on since we went on holidays but just can't seem to get myself going.

I am trying to keep on moving and am making my 10 000 steps most days. My fitbit went flat and registered only 1500 steps one day but I know I didn't get to 10 000. I have a really strong urge to quilt so the urge to run is non existant and the urge to walk not too strong either. I am blessed in that my dear husband (Fixit Guy) likes to walk morning and night if he can and Jack the dog reminds us strongly (and frequently) if we forget. From the moment we wake up in the morning he is running to the door and looking excited if he hears us moving. (He's an outside dog) And any time from 4 PM in the afternoon he gets agitated and excited if we look like we are going outside. He certainly lets us know that he is ready and willing to accompany us "on the road". Digby dog is no where near as keen on walking and often refuses to come with us. If she comes to be leaded up and leaves the yard she will often bail before we are out of our street. She is only a little dog but man she can put the brakes on!

Dietwise I am completely up the creek as well. I usually have the motivation to have a good breakfast - porridge and yoghurt, fruit and yoghurt, bacon and eggs (hold the yoghurt) Usually manage to "be good" during the morning and have a decent lunch... but sometime either during the afternoon or the evening the evil munchies take over and I sneak nuts (okay... but should only have a few) choc chips, biscuits, dips and crackers etc etc....

I think its sleep that is my downfall. I stay up late, get up early to walk the dogs and then get tired and cranky and snacky.

So this week instead of worrying so much about my steps (which I will try to keep up) or my diet (I will try to make sensible choices) my emphasis is going to be on going to be at 10 PM. Lets see how that goes.

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  1. Wow, it sounds like I could have written that - except for the running part and I don't have a dog. I think I am more like your Digby dog. I'm better at walking in the house than bundling up and walking with the cold wind in my face. But I need to do better, both with exercise and diet. But the urge to be quilting has been very strong lately and since it has been sorely neglected for months, I'm letting it take over my life and apparently, my house, judging by the trail of thread and fabric bits.