Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday Musings - Tourists

Last Monday I did a whingy post about going to the zoo and having to put up with hoards of school children and yummy mummies. Thursday night we went to Soverign Hill Sound and Light Show "Blood on the Southern Cross" We were there with 2 huge school groups (kids on school camp going to the late show... it started at 10PM. Smart teachers. The kids probably weren't going to sleep early any way if it was at the beginning of the school camp so they might as well have them out doing stuff. Saved the teachers having to yell at them and try to keep them in their dorms and going to bed) I like kids. I am a trained teacher but when I go visit things I really don't want to be swamped by masses of kids.

Today Fixit Guy and I packed up from our lovely 3 day stay at a self contained luxury cottage at Apollo Bay and moved to a little place called Princetown not all that far down the road, and very close to the main attractions of the Great Ocean Road (GOR) - the Twelve Apostles - some rock formations just off the coast between here and Port Campbell. After we set up our tent we decided to head in to Port Campbell to get some lunch and a few groceries. On the way we decided to stop off and have a look at The Twelve Apostles. That's when it hit us... well when we hit them. We had gone to visit these attractions right at the peak time - early afternoon when all the buses from Melbourne, who have bought people up here on day trips arrive. The place was packed. It was hard to maneuver our our way down the walk ways to look at the view let alone try to get a photo (that didn't have 12 other people in it)

We went on into Port Campbell and found somewhere to have lunch, had a bit of a walk around and then started to head back to our camp. We decide to stop in at Loch Ard Gorge as we had missed it on our way into town but when we saw the car park -- 6 or 7 buses and crowded walkways we gave it a miss.

I am glad so many people from other countries are visiting Australia and enjoying our beautiful icons. I just wish they weren't there on the days that I want to visit them.

So we decided to go for a late afternoon/sunset trip to see them again and it was so worth it. No where near as many people about (not one coach load) It was just beautiful

On another positive note. I found my camera cord. It wasn't in the tent pocket when we unfolded it but I found it in the car.... after I searched the tent. It will be good to have the little one to use again as it is easier to handle and gives better cuddle. And no I will be able to get the photos off it that I took in Ballarat... all the gorgeous birds and babies by the lake. Yay


  1. Beautiful pictures! It was worth waiting!

  2. Gorgeous! I still remember when DH and I were in England ages ago; we felt like we were trying to outrun packs of French schoolchildren everywhere we went, LOL. But you got some alone-time with your Apostles and have beautiful pictures now!