Saturday, July 18, 2015

I remembered what I forgot

 I remembered the other thing I need to add to my July goals.

I have to make 3 blocks to go into quilts a group I am in is making for the children of a friend who died recently. We are a non quilting group but we have made these quilts as joint projects when there has been a significant bereavement (a child, or partner). This is the first time we have lost one of our own. We are spread around the country and so the co-ordination of the squares can get to be mind boggling. In the past I have been one of the coordinators of the quilts (the first one we made was my idea ) and I have also been the quilter of a few of them. This time I am not as involved... although I might end up quilting one/all of them. Will have to see. I do need to make my blocks though. They are only small - 6.5" and will feature hearts. Must get my act together and get them made and posted off to the woman who is co-ordinating them

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