Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Stash Report - some big finishes

Very excited to be able to report that I have had 3 BIG finishes since I did my last stash report - which was at the end of June.

My First Finish was a banner for church. I had been sifting through ideas for a few weeks on this one but once I started I was able to get it finished in a couple of days and it is hanging in church now. I wrote about it here. It used up 5m of fabric that all came from my stash - how cool was that (straight profit I say)

My Second Finish was my Scrap in a Box mystery quilts (run by Charlotte Hawks of Scrapitude Quilts) I called mine Scrappy Lattice because it was scrappy and the sashing of the on point blocks reminded me so much of a latticed trellis. (I chose a vine inspired quilting motif for it based on that). I managed to finish it off this week after it returned from the long armer - bound and labelled. I used a lovely doily for the label when I couldn't find my commercial labels in my cupboard and I love how they ended up looking. I have heaps of doilies - some inherited from my aunty, some from my mum and others acquired through op shops. A lovely use for them I thought. This quilt used 7.73m of fabric. (all fabric for the top came from my stash. The backing was made from fabric bought off the silent auction at PnP - plus scraps from my stash)

The Third Finish was Crop Circles,  my other mystery quilt, from the quilting retreat Patch n Peace that I went to on the 2nd weekend in June. It too came back from the longarmer this week (Both quilts were in the same parcel. What an exciting opening that was. My friend Kym Colgrave of Professional Quilting Service does an amazing job. She has an excellent eye for quilting design and whilst she insists that I need to choose the pattern she is great at guiding my choices. For this quilt Kym and I chose a pattern called CircleSwirl and it looks great. This quilt used 7.96m of fabric. (again all fabric for the quilt top came from my stash and the backing was made from fabric bought at the silent auction at PnP plus scraps from my stash)

I am going to do a more extensive blog post about these two quilts -soon.

And I have had NO fabric purchases so its all straight profit for this past fortnight - SWEET

So my stats are

Weeks 27 and 28

         Fabric Used                     20.69m (I think this is a record for me)
         Fabric Added                   0.00m

Year To Date
         Fabric Used                    91.00m
         Fabric Added                  35.35m
         Net Used/Added             55.65m        

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  1. What lovely finishes!! The banner is beautiful. I don't know which of the mystery quilts is my favorite. They are awesome. Think I need to look up the patterns. Wonderful usage of stash for the year.