Friday, November 13, 2015

Fitness Friday - Up and Down but you get that

This week has been much smoother sailing for me in the eating department. No where near as many challenges for me - no Melbourne Cup lunches, no Engagement Parties of 60th Birthday celebrations. That has made making sensible choices a lot easier. 

Yesterday for some reason I did have a lolly (candy) craving and had a couple of the  Fantales that my husband keeps in his car. I was in his car because our youngest son Boyo is home from university and has started his holiday job - working out at a farm where they are currently harvesting grapes. He has my car. Letting him take my car is the easy alternative as otherwise I'd probably have to drive him out there each day. As they start work at 5.30 AM that really isn't attractive.
Fantales are his "Staying Awake" lollies - what he eats when he is driving that help him stay alert for a bit longer - or what I eat cause I get bored or because I know they are there and occasionally cause I am actually hungry... who'd a thought it. He used to eat peppermint lollies as they stayed fresh for ages and weren't affected by heat. He finds now that he reacts to peppermint so he can't eat them. Its a pity. I could leave peppermints alone... Fantales are much yummier

 Fantales are an Australian lolly and they get their name because on the wrapper are interesting facts about various movie and tv stars. They have a semi hard caramel centre and a chocolate coating. They are VERY good

In the course of driving over to a shopping centre yesterday afternoon I ate a couple - well 3 maybe. And then in the evening I ate a few of the peppermint lollies we had been given by Beauty when she visited with The Beast (our oldest son and his girlfriend in case you aren't used to my nicknames for my family). They have been here largely untouched since late September but yesterday... they had to be nibbled.

So ... that isn't bad and I don't beat myself up about it. I am allowed to eat treats I just have to do so in moderation.

My weight has been coming down. I was 97.3 last Friday and this morning I was 95.6kgs. I am really really pleased with that. It means I am basically back to where I was before we went away. I feel that I have flicked that magical switch in my head and am committed to loosing the weight I have stacked on over the last year. My ultimate aim is 80kgs (which is STILL 5 kgs over what the charts tell me I should be) but not sure if I will make that but at the moment I am heading for 90kgs. I will be thrilled to get back to that. Its challenging times ahead with Christmas parties already rolling around - the next 6 weeks before Christmas there will be lots of goodies on offer at parties and with all the deliscious cooking one can do in the lead up to Christmas.

Our immediate family is going to be scattered this Christmas. Fangirl is going to the UK for a month over Christmas. Kombi Boy and his partner Gamer Girl are going to be having Christmas here in town with her parents and Fixit Guy and Boyo are going to be in Sydney to have Christmas with my extended family. The Beast is going to join us there from Melbourne for a few days. We are going to have a Christmas Dinner with Fangirl here at home before she leaves. KB won't be home from university by then but will be here a for a few days before we leave for Sydney so we are going to have Christmas Dinner with him and Gamer Girl as well. That means we are going to have 2 extra Christmas Dinners this year. Talk about temptation! Still as I am the cook for 2 of those dinners I can exercise some self control... I can ... can't I. It doesn't stop with Christmas Day though as we have 2 weddings and a 21st birthday to attend as well in January. You will understand why I am trying so hard to pull back the weight now.

As for Exercise....well that has been more the problem this week. My girlfriend is away. I was going to walk anyway... but....I have stayed up late at night a good few times ... mostly working on the talk that I have to give tomorrow and the powerpoint that goes with it. When you are up till 1 AM there is not much incentive to get up at 6 or even 7 and then I don't have time to walk before my day time commitments. We have walked at night... well most days I have apart from the one time when I was just getting into the rhythm of what I wanted to say in my talk so didn't want to stop. That day was very poor step results.

My more regular walking efforts has seen my ranking amongst my fitbit friends  pull up a good bit. I have gone from being in the high teens 18th or 19th to being back in the top 10 most days. I even got back to 6th one day. I'm 12th this morning thanks to not going for a walk this morning.

My watch stopped working this week. It wasn't the battery and I was told that it would have to be sent away and cleaned. The cost would probably be $100+. Its a pretty old watch and the catch is playing up and the surfaces are all worn. Its not really worth repairing and so I have suggested that I get a new one for Christmas. Meantime I am relying on my phone as my watch. I don't sleep in my watch but happily sleep with my fitbit. It hasn't ever worried me. But this week... with no watch to take off at bedtime I have become really conscious of my fitbit around my wrist. Its amused me somewhat. I look at my wrist constantly when checking the time and then have to go for my phone. We really are creatures of habit. 

Friday                   11 180
Saturday                 7 093 (only one walk)
Sunday                 12 151 (2 walks even though it was Sunday)
Monday                13 457 (actually got 2 walks in)
Tuesday                 3 839 (no walks at all this day)
Wednesday            7 871          
Thursday             15 462 (got 2 walks in as well as walking up to                                         the aged care home to do the service there)

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  1. I know I would like "Fantales"! It's a good thing I don't live in Australia. I have a problem with restraint.