Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

I've been busy this week sewing lots of different things but haven't got much in the way of finishes.

I did finish a small 6.5" heart block to go into a quilt that a group I am involved with is making for the children of a friend of ours who died. I have been tasked with putting the blocks together for one of the quilts. Another member of our group had already squared all the blocks up so that made everything a whole lot easier. I only received the blocks and other fabric on Friday at lunchtime and by dinner time I had the blocks sewn into rows. I had also made the one extra block I needed to make to have 36 blocks so I could have 6 rows of 6 blocks. 

I also made a cover for Fixit Guy's Chrysalis worship book. Mostly when you do your flight or walk in the Emmaus/Chrysalis movement and you are given your little book they also give you a cover for the book. Somehow FG missed out or managed to lose his and so I made him one (using butterfly fabric). Its another tiny finish using 20cmx30cm piece of fabric.

Its sitting on my ironing board but the flowers behind look rather good with the butterflies

On the plus side I haven't bought any fabric so that is good for the spreadsheet.

My big finish for the week wasn't quilty related. I completed my talk for our Emmaus gathering. The theme was Refreshment, very applicable to country Queensland at the moment as we haven't had proper rain for 4 years. I based a lot of my talk around our recent visit to my husband's brothers' properties, North of Charters Towers. The pictures I took there as well as some of our experiences were a big part of this talk. I made a couple of special slides (I did a power point to go with the talk) which I was very pleased with. I loved how they turned out

So my stats for this week

Week 46
              Fabric Used                   0.10
              Fabric Added                 0.00

Year To Date
              Fabric Used               138.39
              Fabric Added               76.70

Net Used/Added                         61.69 used

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