Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Stash Report - some finishes

I haven't had a substantial finish all month! Even in October my finishes were baby bibs so not huge. This month I have managed to notch up barely anything - a 6.5" square for a quilt, a cover for a small book last week were the first things I could record for the month. Up till Friday the only thing I had put on my spreadsheet for fabric usage was 7 fabric circles to cover jars of sugar coated peanuts going to a stall. Nothing much at all.

Friday, in between setting up a stall for Handmade With Love at a craft fair I finished off 2 small wall hangings. I have been plugging away at them since we were visiting my in laws in October. I have been making 6 of them and basically have worked on all of them at the same time... first finishing off all the blocks for the 6 quilts, then putting them together, then putting on their borders. I got a bit sick of it this week and wanted to get a couple finished - just so they could be DONE. So I spray basted them on Wednesday and got them quilted. They are only tiny. On Friday I made the binding for the two quilts and stitched them on. They are machined both sides - I like the look of them that way. As is my usual these days I used a fancy stitch on the front to secure the border. 

This is my favourite stitch these days. As you can see - not always the most careful stitcher but you can't see it except in close up photos

I put the triangles in the corners to put the pieces of wood in to hang them. I am happy with how these two turned out. I just have to put a label on them but I could count them as done. Yay. (and since they are destined to be Christmas gifts I get to write DONE next to one of this months goals Bonus) 

I thought that was going to be it. Saturday I was up at the Craft Fair from 8 AM till almost 3, standing most of the time. I was pretty wiped. But I was also wired. We had a pretty successful day. And I was itching to get those quilts DONE. So, after a half hour snooze ....I set up an outside for spray basting and got the remaining 4 quilts sprayed and put together. Then I started quilting. Had an interruption to go for a walk with the dogs... they didn't know I'd been on my feet all day and it was going to be good for me to go for that walk. We also went out to get dinner since there was no way I was cooking. I quilted and stitched binding as we watched some tv and I got 2 more done.

When I went to bed at 10.30 thought that was definitely it for the week but after laying awake till after midnight I got up and came back downstairs and worked on the remaining two quilts for an hour and a half. I made the binding, made the corner triangles so they could be hung and stitched on the binding to the back of the quilts. I must have been tired cause I forgot how to do  mitred corners and did them wrong and had to unpick and fiddle around... that is when I gave up. This afternoon I have finished off both remaining quilts. So that is 6 mini quilt finishes for the week.

No fabric purchases this week. That is another bonus.

So my stats for this week

Week 47
             Fabric Used       3.95
             Fabric Added     0.00

Year To Date
             Fabric used       142.33
             Fabric Added      76.70
Net Used/Added              65.64

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  1. Fantastic finishes! I bet it feels satisfying.

    1. It certainly does. Feel like I have been going nowhere for ages. Have a few finishes in the near future but not sure I will get them done this year

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