Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Lots of Progress on POD Quilt

This week I have made good progress on my POD quilt.

I made 2 of the photo frame blocks using photos of Fangirl and myself taken when we were at the Harry Potter Studios in London in 2013.

I have also made Percy's Fez. This was also a nod to Fangirl's obsession with Doctor Who (one of the Doctors wore a fez at one stage)
 I've also made ones of the flying keys and the Cornish Pixie. The latter was a bit tricky and its just as well I was on my own in the sewing room. 

 I also managed to complete my Dobby block. I was  pleased with how it has turned out although I have noticed a stuff up since I've looked at the photo... I obviously sewed a piece in back the front. (Bottom of the ear) I think I am going to have to unpick it and try to fit it in better. Grrrrr

I've now started work on the Nimbus 2000. I've made 2 of the 5 sections so far.

I have made a few more hexies this week. I made 18 in church on Sunday. I have also prepped some more fabric to be made into hexies - but have to cut more to have enough to finish the quilt. I've got over 100 to take with me on Saturday. I have a meeting that will go from 9 till 2. I hope I will have enough. Stitching whilst I listen helps me to concentrate.

At Patchwork today I worked on the wall hangings I was doing last week. When I started I had 4 of them together, just needing a border and had 2 to put together. When I came home from our gathering I had all 6 of the tops finished off and the backing cut for all of them (one has to be sewn together) and the batting cut for 4 of them. I didn't have enough to do all of them. 

I was very pleased with the progress I made. I am using some fabric left over from our loungeroom curtains. One side has a floral pink on a gold background but the other side is the gold and I am thinking I might use that as the "Right" side. Its really nice. (Its a richer colour than the photo shows)

These wall hangings are destined to be Christmas gifts.

Its been a very productive week. Its amazing what you can accomplish when you are avoiding working on something else. My talk for the Emmaus Forth Day event on Saturday is now completed although its a bit rough and ready... not as polished as I would like. I still have to do the powerpoint.

How has your week been? Have you accomplished what you have set out to do? Or anything at all?

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  1. What a brilliant job you are making of your foundation piecing.