Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Goals and a review of October's Goals

Can't believe its a new month. I haven't made much progress on October's goals. It got away on me somewhat. I didn't even get to update the goals on my sidebar. Oops. Anyway my goals 

  • Complete Amy Gibson Blocks  then sew blocks together 
nothing done with these. I forgot to take them with me when I went away

  • 200 hexagons for quilt
I did well over this number... not sure how many I had to start the month but now have over 1000 made. Go me

  • remove paper from POD blocks
I started on this - have about 3 strips done - so 3 more to go

  • Christmas project

not even sure what I meant by this... so guess I didn't do it

  • Christmas UFO
made some great progress on this. Have made all the pieces from the panel into blocks

  • Finish baby bibs for Handmade Love
got these done

  • Make zipper pouches for Handmade Love Stall
didn't make any but I did make a heap of bibs and bandana bibs

  • Finish the children's aprons for Handmade love
got these all finished

Actually when I look at it... I didn't do too badly really did I. 

So goals for November

Make more hexagon blocks

Make POD blocks

Put Amy Gibson blocks together

Remove paper from the POD strips

Work on The Sewalong from The Stitch

Prepare for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

That is going to be more than enough for me

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