Friday, March 28, 2014

Fitness Friday

Not a lot to report this week.

Haven't run at all. Monday I felt like I was getting a cold so didn't run. Tuesday I slept in and didn't have time to  run before going up to the Vet to talk to him about our 9 year old dog Annie who was very ill. Fixit Guy had taken her to the vet on Sunday morning because her belly was so swollen. Xrays had revealed one of her lungs was completely compromised and the vet doesn't think that there is anything that can be done for her. I bought her home after our consultation. She isn't able to walk with us, but she wants to so I have obtained an old baby stroller and for the last two days when I have gone for my morning walk with our other dog Jack Annie has come too in the pram.

I have been very busy this week in the afternoon as I have been preparing for a charity afternoon tea I am hosting on Saturday. Fangirl has come over after work each day and has been helping me with preparations. This has meant that there have been no afternoon walks. 

I also mislaid my fitbit charger. I thought that I had lost it in Brisbane as I could not find it anywhere. Of course my fitbit went flat and I really missed it. I tried to use the pedometer on my phone but it wasn't the same. Fixit Guy found the charger under my bed... it must have come out of my bag when I got home and got pushed there. Its charged and back on my wrist now.

Weight wise  I have put on a little but this week I have had a trip to Brisbane but lots of walking and mostly good healthy choices meant that I didn't actually put on weight. Less walking, no running and a bit of nibbling on the goodies we have been making PLUS yesterday was my birthday and we went out to dinner and there was wine and desert.... so this morning I was up .5kg on the week. 

I did say MOSTLY healthy choices. This was my Max Brenner Choc Brownie Sundae

I am wondering how I will go on Sunday when I go in my first public 5 km run. Its called the Emerald Rainbow Run

Having not run all week I have decided that I was tapering :) Yeah... good excuse but I'm going to run with it

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