Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Last week I powered through the quilting of 3 quilts and got them finished up. It was so satisfying. There won't be any more finishes for a little while now I think. (see Stash Report)

Since I finished off the last of the quilts on Saturday night I have been busy

SOMB Quilt 3
I have cut fabric for my next quilt which again will feature the 5" 9-patches made from the shirts from the swap at Patch n Peace 2013 - another quilt in my Shirt off my Back series (SOMB) These ones will be 14" finished star blocks. I plan on having the quilt 5 x 5 so 25 blocks in all. I might call this one "Not so Sombre Stars"

cutting the squares and rectangles for the star blocks

SOMB Quilt 4
I have also cutting fabric for the last of the SOMB quilts which will also feature a star in the centre but these ones will only be 9" finished but they will have sashing and that will make it a decent sized quilt. I will make it 5x6 in order to use up the last of the blocks. I will have 4 left over... they can go on the back... unless I incorporate them into border some how. What to call this one though... Sombrero Stars. Working the SOMB theme to the last.

The centres of both Not so Sombre Stars and Sombrero Stars will feature the 5" 9-Patch surrounded by 4 flying geese. In the Not so Sombre Stars there will be a rectangle on behind the flying geese block and a 5"square piece in each  corner. The finished block will be 14".The Sombrero Star will be smaller. The corner blocks will be 2.75"square and the finished block will be 9" finished. In total I am going to be making 220 flying geese for the blocks. I must be crazy... and I was thinking about some in the borders. I might rethink that one!!
The block for Sombrero Stars. I haven't made the flying geese units... just folded the squares over to get the idea

The block for Not So Sombre Stars.

With all of the quilts in the SOMB group I have tried to only use recycled/re purposed/second hand fabric. I have used a lot of the fabric/linen that I bought home with me last October from my Aunty Doris's estate. She died aged 99 years and 9 months in Sept 2012. A year later her daughter-in-law was still making her way through all the stuff that Doris had collected up in the almost 70 years that she had lived in the house now occupied by her son and his wife. I helped with the sorting out for a week and was allowed to have any fabric that I thought might be useful. I came home with a suitcase of doilies, old sheets, new fabric etc. A lot of this has gone into these last two SOMB quilts.

Disappearing Into the Blue
Today at Patchwork group I worked on my "Disappearing into the Blue" Disappearing Pinwheel quilt. All of the 44 pinwheels needed for the border are completed and pressed. I finished the blocks for the centre of the quilt last week. Before I can put the blocks together I need to buy some more tone on tone white fabric as I haven't got enough of the fabric I used in the blocks left. No new photos this week but here is one I put on an earlier post
The finished off disappearing pinwheels.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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    1. thanks Louise. It worked. It seems to be set up to favour Google subscribers

  2. Very cool quilts mum. Looking forward to seeing it come together.