Monday, March 24, 2014

Quilty Resolutions Update

Sandy, at Quilting for the Rest of Us Podcast challenged us at the beginning of the year to come up with 3 quilty resolutions and now at the end of the first quarter she is calling for an update on how we have gone with them.

My resolutions were very concrete
1. Make a Quilt for my great nephew who was born in August
2. Sort my stash to get out all my little bits out of the stash and into my scrap bins cut into the sizes that I use
3 Sort through my 2nd hand fabrics or repurposed fabrics and get them into usable piles

So... how am I going.

1. My great nephew's quilt was made in January and I was able to give it to my sister to give to her grandson when I saw her at the family reunion at the end of January. 

Sorry its sideways... silly blogger stuffing me about again
2. I worked consistently through January sorting through my fabric, refolding it and getting out all the smaller pieces (under fat quarter size or 25cm width of fabric) and cutting them into the sizes I store 1.5", 2.5", 3.5", 4.5", 5.5", 6.5"  In strips, bricks and squares, I also added to this 5" and 10" squares. That was a very handy thing to do as not long after this I participated in the Disappearing Pinwheel sew along and I had my 10" squares all cut. I also used the 5" squares to make pinwheels for the border. For the first time ever I found a place I could put my folding cutting table up and leave it up. It has been great to have it.

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt made entirely from my stash - all the 10" and 5" squares used in the pinwheel blocks came from my stash already cut to size. Such a time saver
the finished quilt showing the pieced binding as well

3. I sorted through the second had fabric, got it all ironed and stacked up near my cutting table ready for me to cut it into useful sizes. I hadn't gotten to it at all when last Sunday I started to cut fabric for another quilt project, one for which I only wanted to use recycled fabric in keeping with the focus unit of each block, a nine patch made up of fabric from shirts from a swap (part of a challenge from a retreat I went on last year) See WIP Wednesday I was so glad that I hadn't cut all the fabric up as I had planned. The star blocks I was making required some of the pieces to be 2.75" square or 2.75x5". 
The fabric being cut into units for my next 2 quilts. Its all repurposed fabric having been a doona cover, sheet, table cloth, shirt, banner in a previous life

The blocks for one of the quilts I am using the recycled fabric in... the other one has 5" squares in the corner instead of 2.75" ones and has an extra rectangle on the flying geese to make it a 14.5" block rather than a 9.5" block like this one

I am putting this post up now without some of the photos that I want to include because my Fixit Guy is asleep in the room the cord I need to upload the photos with is in. I will try to do it tomorrow and then I will remove this bit but in the meantime... if you want more pictures you will have to come back


  1. You've not only made phenomenal progress towards your goals, you've gotten some great quilts out of it! I've enjoyed watching your progress on all of these on Twitter. I often debate with myself about cutting up scraps into usable sizes versus leaving them as-is in case I need different sizes. Tough decision to make! Thanks so much for linking up!