Monday, March 3, 2014

Stash Report

Stash Report
Nothing to report as far as finishes this week which is a bit sad!

 I have been working away on a couple of quilts and have two tops finished - the blue "Shirt Off My Back" quilt and another one made with some of the left over 9 Patches same pattern but using brown sashing. I still need to get the backs for them made and then  get them pinned and quilted.

I hate pinning quilts. It takes me so long and I am no good at it. Sigh. Had a disaster pinning the first of my disappearing pinwheel quilts the other day. First time in a long time I managed to not have the top not centred properly and so ran out of wadding and had barely enough backing on one side but plenty on the other. I contemplated trying to add a bit of wadding and backing to that one side without unpinning it all (it was barely 1/4 inch short) but after a fortnight of ignoring the pinned quilt that needed the extra attention I unpinned it all and will pin it again when I am up at our patchwork rooms on Wednesday. Hopefully I will be able to get the three quilts all pinned then. Since I have a key to the rooms I could go up tomorrow and get a start on them. Its our meeting on Wednesday and I am the (slack) secretary. Its my birthday this month and we celebrate everyone's birthday for that month with a cake and special lunch after the meeting. I had better get these quilts finished as I am in the birthday club and will be receiving my squishy parcel of fabric at the meeting... so that will be a sizable input. That's incentive to get working.

The 3 quilt tops done but needing to be sandwiched and quilted

Anyway as far as the stash report goes
Stash usage remains at 18.25m

Very excited here. Today (Monday) I ran 6.34 kms in 54 mins. My average time for a km was just under 9 mins. I have been trying to build up my speed on my shorter runs. I restarted the c25k program and have been trying to run faster in those periods

I got a FitBit during the week which I am finding fun to use. I wimped out and got my husband to set it up for me. I did download the program but I find I get a bit overwhelmed with the technology at times (eg my daughter had to bail me out and set this blog up for me) Anyway I am finding it great. It is more sensitive than my pedometer app on my phone which often seems to miss steps. I am finding the food record part of it great too although it is in calories and Australian food is in kilojoules so I have to convert things all the time. I am trying to be conscientious about the whole thing and record everything I eat so sometimes I look at something and go "Nah... can't be bothered having to record it" especially if I have to work it out first.

My Fitbit Flex.

I have joined a community on the FitBit website that is made up of quilt pod-casters and their listeners. Its going to be fun and motivating to be part of that circle too... I hope. At the moment among my own circle of fitbit friends I am 2nd last... of 6 but hopefully I can keep going and catch a few of them

My other exciting fitness report is that this morning, post run I was under 90kgs. Woo hoo. Go me. Yes I was no doubt dehydrated having just got back from the run but I don't care... I loved those numbers 89.8 kgs flashing at me from the scales. That means I have lost 10 kgs from my heaviest back midyear and have just under 10 to go so I'm half way. I am especially pleased to have lost weight despite the weekend I had. On Saturday afternoon I went to a "High Tea" fundraiser for Our Rainbow House. I organised for 5 friends to come with me so we had a lovely table. We got to spend a couple of hours relaxing, chatting, eating gorgeous food, being served tea, coffee, cold water and punch constantly through out the afternoon.

My friends and I at the High Tea.

 At the event the lady who is the driving force behind the charity which set up a school for orphans and destitute children in a village in Zambia, mentioned that she needs some help in the office and I have offered my services and am going around to talk to her tomorrow about that.

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