Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

I had a finish. I have already told you all about it. In fact I think I have mentioned it in every blog post since I got it done on  Tuesday night.

"Disappearing into the Blue" is finished. Yay.

 I wrote extensively about it on WIP Wednesday so look here for lots of pictures but I will repeat just a few... since you asked (you did ask didn't you?)

The block was the Disappearing Pinwheel as demonstrated by Jenny Doan of the MIssouri Quilt Company  here I started it as part of a quilt along sort of thing done by Twilters... a group of quilters on Twitter. (anyone can be a twilter. Just hop on line and start following the various people who chat about quilter there. Look for #twilter to find some of us) 

Its final dimensions were 241cm x 268 cm or 92"x105" and it used (wait for it) 14.68m of fabric. (maybe more since it was a completely pieced back which uses a lot more fabric than if you use whole pieces or large strips but we'll let it go at that) I was so excited to get it done and onto the bed. 5 days later I still haven't made the label for it and I do want to get that done as I like to label all of my quilts, even the ones I keep for myself. Its on the bed and looks fabulous. It will get slept under for the first time this next weekend when we have some billets overnight for an Emmaus Board meeting. Hope whoever it is appreciates it!

So my statistics for the year look a bit healthier

Used this week:                        14.59m
Added this week                          0

Year to Date Used                     115.17
Year to Date added                     79.27
Net Used                                    35.90       

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  1. Such a gorgeous quilt, Philippa! I love your borders with the pinwheels and piano keys, they tie the top together nicely. Great job!

    1. Thanks Kati I am really thrilled with how it all turned out

  2. Beautiful finish. You should be very proud of yourself. It's lovely to be able to sleep under something so beautiful. I hope they DO appreciate all the work involved in making it.