Thursday, January 29, 2015

TARDIS Tree Quilt finish

Yay - my first bigger finish for the year and its not that big... but it was very fiddly and compared to the little wall quilts I have done... its a reasonable size

Its finished size is 112cm long by 102cm wide or 44"x40'. Using the formula on my Excel spreadsheet that Pam at Hip to be a Square Podcast came up with that is 2.40 metres of fabric used. Now that was only allowing 15% extra for piecing. This quilt has a total of 1400 1.5" squares and 120 1.5" half square triangles that came down to 1" squares finished. That is 50% increase. The 1" squares finished  alone worked out to about 2m of fabric (sorry to keep switching from metric to inches but that is the crazy world we all live in when you live in a metric country and participate in a craft that uses inches). I could get Fix It guy to add another qualifier in the formula that he has used (1 adds 10% for large pieced quilts and 2 adds 15% for smaller pieced quilts and 3 doesn't add anything and just uses the length by width to allow for fabric given away as is or used as is eg the serviettes I made) I could get him to do one that adds a higher percentage. However I've decided that I am going to just add an extra metre of fabric as yardage and that will make up the difference.

Anyway... TARDIS is finished. This quilt is a wall hanging to be used at Christmas to display the cross stitched Doctor Who figures that Fangirl made for her Dad. There are 25 figures and we will add them to the tree like an advent calendar. The Quilt is done although I still have to label it and also add the hooks to attach the figures to it but I am counting it as done.

My quilting as always leaves a lot to be desired but since this is for me and I really don't care it doesn't matter. I echo quilted around the tree on the white in a variegated white thread.

Then I quilted the blue section in stippling - lots of big swirls.

Then I did the white in stippling using the variegated thread and did a sort of wave/swirl on the border. I machined the binding down using a swirl.

 Its not perfect but I am pretty happy with it. Now I have to pack it away (after I label it) until Christmas time.

And I get to tick off another goal for  January.


  1. Looks great! Did you notice the safety pin you left in? There's always one, right?

  2. Congratulations on your finish! Lovely work!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of little squares! Amazing!

  4. Oh My Goodness. The patience! I love the unusual colour choice for a Christmas tree. I had to laugh at your quilty math. That is a lot of fabric. I know what you mean about living in a metric country and using imperial for your craft.

  5. What a great, and original, Advent calendar! How fun that will be to use. Great job on it, and thanks for linking to TGIFF!