Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday - Fair Fat and Fifty Something

Yup its my birthday today and I turned fifty something. My diet this week has been not god as I have been tucking into everything bad... ho hum. Must find my mojo from somewhere.

I have been keeping up my steps - and that is about all I can say

Friday         10 337
Saturday      13 024
Sunday        10 607
Monday       11 979
Tuesday       10 981
Wednesday  13 041
Thursday     12 747

I'm writing this a day early as tomorrow is going to be a huge day.

First of all we want to go for a walk... have to do something to counteract what is going to be an indulgent weekend. Then Fangirl is going to do something with me for breakfast. We will probably go  out somewhere. Then I'll have to go to work. Its my last day. I've already had word that there is a parent who wants to contact me plus there is a pile of assignments come in for me to mark as well as having to make sure things are as neat and tidy as I can leave them for my replacement. I will have to go in next week to collect more assignments and hand in corrected ones etc. There might be something on for me as a farewell/birthday BUT given that I have only worked one day a week for 7 weeks I've not really become part of the staff overly much so not expecting anything.

We have drinks in the afternoon from 5.30, farewell for some friends leaving town and then at 7 we are going out for dinner. So.... not leaving a lot of time to write a blog. 

Somewhere in there I am sure my 3 boys will make contact and perhaps other family members - although nowadays my family don't phone too much. Mum doesn't really ring any more. Her memory isn't a great so she might not remember it. I will probably ring her instead.

Then Saturday we have a big afternoon tea to go to. Its a major fundraiser for Our Rainbow House. We will probably go over in the morning to help with setting up and then I will be back as one of the guests along with Fangirl. Fixit Guy will probably be one of the helpers (washing up, waitering or something like that)  

Ed: Well its Friday night. I forgot to post this last night. Have to say I did NOT go for a walk this morning or this afternoon. Have eaten yummy food all day and as a result am very full right now. I have also not even got 2 lights lit up on Fitbit so that means not even 4000 steps yet. Hmmm some jogging on the spot called for I think. Night all

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  1. Happy happy birthday to you, my friend! I hope you had a very special day!