Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Stash report

I have had a busy week and had a few lovely finishes. 

I made a new banner for church (I wrote about it here) It came together really quickly and I am so pleased with it. It was hanging in church today. 3.52 metres used

I have also been busy this weekend making zipper pouches for the craft stall to be held at the end of the month. I got 5 made using the tutorial on Missouri Star's You Tube channel. I was a  bit more adventurous this time and patched the outside of the bags.

2 purple pouches - .32m
2 black and white pouches .41m
kombi pouch .27m

I also decided to try a new pattern and used this one from Noodlehead. I had a bit of trouble with it and misinterpreted how to make the box bottom. The end result was pretty ugly but I was able to unpick some of it and redo the bottom by cutting off the bottom section and put on a new one. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. .34m
bike white mouthed pouch 

No fabric purchases this week so that's a zero on that side of the equation

So this weeks stats

This Week

Fabric Used                               4.85m

Fabric Added                              0.00m

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               42.53m

Fabric Added                             12.78m

Net Fabric used                         29.76m

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