Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday Another Crazy week

I've had another really crazy creative week!

Last week I told you about making a horse costume for the play that my husband, Fixit Guy is in and for which I am prompt. This week the making and fixing for the play has continued. I have added

Making a pair of breasts - well 2 pink cushions

Decorating 2 handbags - blinging them to within an inch of their life (yay for hot glue guns and fake rhinestones )

Working out how to attach a cats tail to a costume so it can be easily removed and reattached.

Making a "CAT" sign to attach to said cat costume

Putting new elastic into the pants of  cat's costume

Attaching elastic to a bowtie to allow for a quick costume change.

Its all been rather fun but time consuming. I know some patchworkers get annoyed when asked to mend things or make non patchwork items for family friends and in my case the wider community, but I don't mind at all. Its been fun to be part of the process.

I have done a little patchworking. Having put the flying geese borders on Going Green last week I went ahead and added a 5" (4.5" finished) green border with multicoloured 9 patches in the corners

and mid way (top and bottom) and 1/3 intervals  (sides) - so that was 10 9 patches in total. I have also started to make the backing for it. I am piecing the backing (as has been my habit of late) and its taking almost as long as the front because I am designing it as I go. I have used up the rest of the green I had bought for the borders on the front as well as a piece featuring birds and  bird houses. I have no idea where it came from but it fits in with the Going Green theme.

It's still not big enough so I"ll add strips of the lovely Robert Kaufman fabric I used in the centre of the birdhouse fabric. I've had it for ages but never quite known what to do with it. Its still not going to be quite big enough. I have a heap of half square triangles measuring something under 2" - leftovers from the flying geese made for the front border. I think I will make a sawtooth border with those. Its not going to add much but will add a little.

I have also been beavering away on my hexagons. I used to be able to work on them a bit during the play because during rehearsals I didn't have to sit in the dark in the wings. I used to sit in the audience, in the light and could stitch away during the breaks when the director and cast were discussing things. Not any more though. I can stitch during interval though so might get a few done.

I now have 14 flowers made, 23 more hexies basted and a heap of hexies cut!

Still not sure of the pattern I am going to make with them but thus far have been making colour centric flowers. I am using all scraps (3" squares) and putting together 6 hexies which "read" the same colour with a lighter (or darker occasionally) one in the centre. I think I will wait till I have finished sewing the hexies before deciding on a design. It will depend on the coloured flowers that I end up with.

I do love the crazy little cameos that are coming up on the scrappy blocks. So many reminders of quilts past

And today I started work on making a tablet cover (ipad etc) for Fangirl to send off in a swap. She has done a lovely cross stitch design and I have to sew it into the cover. The process has been delayed somewhat cause she forgot to wash the design before she gave it to me and it still had the marker pen on it so I've quickly rinsed it out and waiting for it to dry before proceeding further.

My POD paper piecing project hasn't been touched in a month. I must get back to it. It was on my goals for this month but nothing has shifted there.

I had hoped to work on Pink Pizzaz too but nothing happening there either. Will have to get my skates on if I am to get it done by next Wednesday which was my plan.

How has your week gone? What have you been working on?

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  1. Those hexies! Love seeing a big pile of those! Seems you are one busy lady! Glad you are enjoying yourself!

  2. Oh I always love a hexie and it sounds like you've been super busy, these are all gorgeous, well done! My week has just flown by and I find myself saying that all the time nowadays, but it really does feel like time is speeding up. I've been working on WIPs and BOMs all week as I want some serious progress before the year is out!