Monday, February 22, 2016

Spring Park

Fixit Guy and I are spending a couple of weeks at his brothers' cattle station north of Charters Towers. We spent a week here back in October and it was very dry and in the grip of a terrible drought then. They were having to feed the stock to keep them alive. The days were busy putting out lick and cotton seed and checking water.

Since we were here there has been some rain - 7.5" has fallen and the place has greened up considerably. As a result they no longer need to feed the cattle. Things are still not good - they are still in drought and a lot more rain has to fall to break it - but things are better. There is green grass. The pressure is off a little and things are a little less stressful but they still desperately need more rain.


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  1. Hi, Just discovered your blog via Esther Aliu's link party. Lovely photos! Especially the sunsets! I'm not actually a quilter, but do dabble in a little patchwork. I'm making a sort of needlekeep come needlecase at the moment. Nice to see your lovely quilts!

    Barbara xx