Thursday, February 25, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I'm doing it!! I'm actually writing this blog post on time. Now as to whether or not I get it posted on time or not..... and I didn't. Internet hassles meant I didn't get it up. Trying again tonight... Thursday evening my time

I wrote an extensive blog on Sunday (or was it Saturday) that detailed recent work. I got the second of my Diamond Dash quilt tops completed

Since then I've been working on the backing for the 2 Diamond Dash quilts. To start with I've been stitching together some of the left over fabric from the fatquarters I cut up to make the tops.

All the fabrics are Japanese inspired - leftovers from the Niko (cat) fat quarter bundle and the Uki (imitating the fabrics used in kimonos) fat quarter bundle, all from Massdrop. The 5"x 10" rectangles needed in the Diamond Dash quilt meant there were 3-4" x 21" strips left over from most of the fabric pieces. So far I have a long strip of 10" wide fabrics and another strip, not so long of 20" fabrics.
Sorry about the weird colouring. I left it a bit late to take the photo and I had to put the lights on and the light up this end of the lounge is yellow (to not attract the bugs so much)

I have leftover fabric from the strips too that I can incorporate into the backings and well as quite a few whole fatquarters. I am finiding myself somewhat reluctant to slice into these fat quarters - getting a bit of "precious fabric syndrome".

At other times I have done a bit of handsewing making more flowers from my hexies. I haven't worked on adding any more flowers to the large piece for now.

We have had a few showers of rain since we have been here on the property but nothing significant. The days have been quite hot and the green grass is burning off.

I wonder what my north American friends (who are the main readers of this blog) would make of life here on the cattle station. My Australian family and friends woud find it hard to comprehend. We have seen a few kangaroos around the house on a few mornings - but bounding away too quickly for me to get photographs for you. This morning walking back to the cottage we came very close to a snake on the path. Fixit Guy thought it was most likely a tree snake, not venomous, but it gave us a bit of a fright. Me especially since I hadn't noticed it till he yelled at me to stop. It was a few feet away... close enough to give us a fright.

There are plovers around the place - they are a type of  bird. They call constantly and when I walk across the flat to the cottage they swoop around me. My SIL told me that she has seen them with chicks so they are just protecting their family but to be honest... I haven't seen the chicks at all and if it wasn't for their swooping and calling I wouldn't have known anything about them.

I am missing the company of my little dog Jack whilst away. My sister in law though has a very cute dog who reminds me of Jack in many ways.

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  1. I live in Seattle and it has been one of the record wettest winters. The sun came out for the last 3 days. Everyone is trying to get some sun. So we have the opposite here. But you can keep the snakes. Lol