Thursday, February 11, 2016

WIP Wednesday - the handstitching post

Since Friday I've been in Brisbane visiting my sons and daughter who live here. One son left the next day for a holiday in Bali with friends so didn't get to see him for long but have spent lots of time with the others.

Since I flew down I didn't bring my sewing machine with me so haven't made any progress on my machine projects but have made some great strides with the hexie quilt which is my hand project.

A couple of weeks ago I drew up a design for my hexie quilt and since then I've been stitching some of the hexies together. I've just been working on some of the whole flowers (as I have been referring to them) ie a centre hexie (in yellow or brown) with 6 hexies attached to the centre. I've made 14 complete flowers since I've been down here.

My lovely design got a bit of a battering over the weekend. I had left the window open and it rained and the little bag I had it folded up in got soaked and so.... its a little worse for wear.

I missed blogging last week so for a bit of a catchup.

I completed the Diamond Dash quilt top I was working on. I need to make the backing for it. I have lots of leftover Japanese fabrics from my double purchase from Massdrop.

It ended up a little larger than I had anticipated. Oops

Before I could make the backing though I wanted to make, or at least cut the rectangles for another Diamond Dash quilt I want to make for a friend. So I got them cut out and even got the corner pieces stitched on. Its a project I will be able to take with me when we go away again next week. I'll have my machine with me then.

I also managed to finish off my POD Harry Potter quilt. I got it back from the long armer early on in the week but was off colour so hadn't made an attempt to work on it. I wanted to get it finished to take with me to Brisbane as it was to be Fangirl's birthday present. So... at the last minute I am madly machining it on. I mean the last minute. I finished it with just enough time to dash upstairs, have a shower and jump in the car for the trip to the airport. I got it done though. Still have to do a label for it but I can do that and post it down to Fangirl and she can stitch it on.


Needless to say my Harry Potter loving daughter loved the quilt. I'm sorry that the pictures aren't edited nicely. I am still getting used to my new computer and as yet we don't have my preferred photo editing program loaded.

WIPs on Wednesday

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