Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Along Check in

Happy International Women's Day. I hope that where ever you are in the world you are able to stop for a moment and appreciate the women in our lives. Our own achievements or the achievements of those around us.

I'm not long back from a morning tea put on by our Shire Council for International Women's Day. As well as a lovely morning tea there was a panel discussion featuring women from our region discussing their lives and their successes. There were 3 panels who were listed as Economic, Social and Political. The discussion was live streamed as well so that people who couldn't make the discussion were able to watch a it where ever they were. It was very interesting. Alison, the Director of Our Rainbow House was on the social panel and spoke of the work of the charity as well as her life as a working mother and wife.

A week of the March Along in March has past and so it is time for me to report in about my activities.

1st Tuesday. We drove into Rockhampton and back  (3 hours approximately each way) for a Drs appointment. Had an hour and 15 minute wait in the surgery (Dr had to go out and assist a colleague with a procedure before seeing us) Lots of hand stitching done. Some more when we got home too veging in front of the tv. Working on my hexie quilt.

2nd Wednesday. Patchwork Group sewing morning. Pinned out my hashtag quilt.

Also did lots of hand stitching at home on the hexie quilt - making some hexie flowers and stitching them into quilt.

Wrote blog posts - 3 actually. February goal review, March goals  and WIP Wednesday

3rd Thursday Hand stitching again. Got a chunk of flowers stitched into place plus a few more flowers made.

4th Friday. Took my hand stitching to bible study with me and stitched a couple more flowers. At home worked on stitching the flowers into chunks to attach body of the quilt.

5th Saturday. Kylie came over today with fabric and pattern to make her 2 older children cloaks as part of a Gruffalo costume. Some hand stitching done as well and listened to a podcast or 2 as I stitched

6th Sunday. We drove to Clermont this morning (1hr 10 mins) for church and then back to Capella (35 mins) for another church service. I wasn't game to stitch during church (the minister and congregations didn't know me and may have found it disruptive) Back home I wrote a blog post (Stash Report) and started listening to another crafting podcast.

I finally managed to get myself sufficiently inspired to get on with the backing of the Diamond Dash 1 Quilt (Or Dash that Cat as I am calling it) I managed to get it completed by the end of the day. Yay. Go me. Some hand stitching as well. I had a lot of help from my daughter Fangirls's cat whilst I stitched. Its a wonder she didn't end up with her eye poked out.

7th Monday. Went looking for a pattern to make a quilt for someone special. I have the fabrics... and I wanted a pattern that had large chunks that would enable me to feature that fabric.. ie not tiny pieces. I had asked on Twilters for a pattern a while back and got some suggestions but had managed to lose the post and not keep the patterns. No one has come up with anything yet. I went looking through Missouri Star Quilt Company YouTube channel to see if I could find something suitable. I looked at heaps of videos and there are lots of great patterns there I am keen to try sometime.

I did find one that I think will be suitable. It promises to be fairly quick to make as well which is another advantage. Jenny uses pre cuts and I don't usually so will be cutting my own fabric for it

A friend recommended this block, another one from Missouri Star Quilt Company and it looks intriguing too

I also did quite a bit of hand stitching. I have the bottom part of the quilt laid out... well all the flowers that is. I am stitching the flowers together and filling in the spaces with green hexies now to be the grass.

This week I have a couple of projects that I need to work on. I have to stop playing with the hexie quilt for a while as it has no deadline attached to it. I have to get on with the cloaks for Kylie's kids and also a baby quilt for a little one due this month. And the Dash the Cat... have to get it pinned and quilted. But the siren call of that hexie quilt is strong.

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  1. You accomplished a lot this past week. Your hash tag and hexie quilts are amazing.