Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Museday

Greetings and salutations. This blog post is going to be a mixture of updates - monthly Goals, Marchalong and Blogging A to Z.

Starting with the last one - I have just scheduled all my blog posts for the month. I have scheduled them to come out at 8 AM each day of the challenge in April. At the moment they consist of a title, some labels and that is it! It means I am going to have to get my butt into gear and write those posts otherwise you will get a blank blog post. I managed, with the help of my friends on Twilters, to come up with a vaguely patchwork related theme for each day. Some of them are a stretch I acknowledge but you get that sometimes. My daughter (Fangirl) is coming up with 2 separate blogposts for each day AND is cross stitching 2 figures for each day as well. She is mad. But she is also committed, fiendishly organised and.... having just moved to the city not very involved in other things (besides her work). So.... that is where I am at with the challenge.

March Goals.

I have been busy but haven't completed any more of the goals from my last checking

1. Baby quilt for Megan. DONE Bub arrived yesterday but haven't heard the name yet so haven't made the label

2. 15 minutes quilt related work each day. This is part of Darla, the Scientific Quilter, Marchalong for March. Continuing to do more than 15 minutes each day... yay

Complete Diamond Dash quilt 1 Dash That Cat. I have started quilting this. I have completed the blocks and am now doing the sashing and border.

Work on Diamond Dash Quilt 2 Haven't done any work on this quilt so far this month. 

Work on Hexie Quilt I am up to the final bit of the top.... stitching together the sky to the rest of the quilt. Then I have to take out the last of the papers, make the backing and work out how to quilt it.

6 Pin and quilt hashtag quilt The quilt is pinned but not yet quilted. 

Make 2 Gruffalo capes for Kylie DONE

Empty scrap basket Not yet... 


17th Thursday. Hand stitching on the hexie quilt.

18th Friday. Handstitching on hexie quilt

19th Saturday Busy day with pre-wedding party in the morning, guests for lunch and then a lazy afternoon stitching in my chair 

20th Sunday Handstitching again - working on stitching the little bits into the top of the hexie quilt to even it off - half hexies that will be trimmed down. Also wrote blog posts

21st Monday Started quiting Drat that Cat. Got all the block rows done and started on the sashing strips.

22nd Tuesday Spent the morning at Handmade With Love. Made a little zipper purse and a casserole carrier. Not bad for a mornings work. Home again I have spent several hours on the blog, setting up the blog posts for April's A to Z challenge, and writing this post.

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