Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

Its a nil all draw this week. No fabric in and none out. Well I have actually had 4 metres of brown fabric come in to make some cloaks for a friend but as I will give back all the fabric I don't use I am not going to count that!

I'm getting a bit antsy about not having completed anything but I have been addicted it seems to piecing my hexie quilt and can't tear myself away to work on anything else. I've been working on putting the top together. I have finished all the "flowers" I had worked out to make from the hexies I had made but I am still making some up as needed to fit in with the pattern. I have the quilt pinned to my design wall and am working on the bottom part of the quilt. I have made the middle section - its as wide as its going to go and now I am working on finishing off the bottom part. Even as I type this my eyes keep wandering over to the wall and I calculate what pieces are going to slot in where. I really need to stop working on this quit and get on with another special quilt that is needed for next month.

I also have to work on a quilt for a baby due this month. I didn't have anything in mind for this quilt. The nursery colours seemed to be grey teal and white which didn't do much for me. I don't have any of those fabrics on hand and I don't want to go buy more fabric at the moment. Then  I remembered that I have some Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric and that might be appropriate for this bub. I might look that out shortly and see if I have enough to do a quilt with. Something fairly straight forward will suit me! I have 2 great nieces or nephews due this year as well. I like to use some of my mum's embroideries in the quilts I make for her great grandchildren. I might have one tucked away in the cupboard but will need to get a second one made at least.

I really need to stop playing with this hexie quilt which has no particular destination yet and get on with these quilts that DO have destinations and deadlines. But sometimes it is just fun to play isn't it?

Well I did it. When I had written that much of this blog post I set to work on making the backing for Diamond Dash 1 (I'm thinking of calling it Dash that Cat) I managed to get it done. It's not got the 4" extra all around... it will have 2" on the sides and 3" on the ends but I was sick of piecing and I figured I really couldn't be bothered adding a 2" strip to each side that was just going to get trimmed off. I'm going to quilt this one myself so it's on my head (Unless I run out of time and decide to send it off to my friend Kym of PQS in which case... I shall do a 4" strip down one side)

Stats from Weeks 8-10
                 Fabric used            0m
                 Fabric added          0m

Year to Date
                 Fabric used         10.75m
                 Fabric added       18.40m
Net Used                              -7.65m

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