Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Have had a busy and very successful week sewing wise.. and personally. On the personal front it was my birthday on Easter Sunday and to add to the pleasure and chocolatey joy of that occasion our oldest and youngest child had both travelled back home to share the day (and the rest of the week) with us. That was a great day. Fixit Guy made me my birthday cake

On the sewing front... this week I got the backing for Diamond Dash 2... which I have now decided to call Dash it All... completed and today at Patchwork Group Lindi helped me pin baste it. 

Had a whoopsie. Despite having 24" excess for width in the batting I managed to have it go crooked on the other side and the very bottom corner edge has no batting under it. I will patch a piece in before I start quilting... of course it was the last corner we pinned so the whole quilt was done by the time I realised. Mumble mumble. (I hate basting a quilt)

I completed another top this week. This quilt has trucks and machines all over it - a quilt for a special person. The panel which it was made from was actually for a rag book. I loathe rag books in general anyway so happily chopped this panel up to make an alternative. There were 12 "pages" that went into the quilt and I made the other 4 blocks from a co-ordinating border fabric. 

 As is my want, the back is also pieced using up various left over fabric from the front. Making the backing took longer than making the top... that is often the way it seems. 

I pin basted it at Patchwork this morning and quilted it this afternoon. This evening I put the binding on and made the label. A pretty quick finish for me!

Yesterday at Handmade With Love (for Our Rainbow House) I made 2 bags from some lovely fabric that had been donated. I didn't have a pattern - I basically fudged it as I went along. The pattern featured ads from an earlier era and so was perfect for shopping bags. I forgot to take any photos of the finished items which is a shame. I was very pleased with them although I have to adapt the dimensions I think.

I have been trying to get organised for the A to Z blogging challenge as well. I have pre written up to D... only 22 more to go... eek.

WIPs on Wednesday

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  1. Happy belated birthday. Your truck/machine quilt is full of fun images. Love the pieced back. Very nice. You had a busy week.