Friday, July 18, 2014

Fitness Friday

Not a lot to report. I have managed to walk everyday this week, usually twice a day. I didn't make my steps one day... Saturday I think it was but managed to get to to 10 000 every other day. I had been languishing back in 4th spot amongst my fitbit bit friends a good bit for a week or so but this week the two women who'd been vying for top spot both had to return to work after very active holidays so their step counts have been down. My steps remain fairly constant

Haven't weighed myself. My scales are flat. I have had a few blow outs this week but hopefully keeping up my steps will help keep things at bay

This coming week we will be on holidays which means eating out most meals. I hope that I can get lots of steps in to keep things on an even keel! I am not promising to resist temptation too much!!

I did manage to run once! Only once. I finished week 4 day 2 of c25k. I should have run again yesterday but it was our wedding anniversary. We had a special breakfast - waffles cooked by Boyo and bacon and eggs by Fixit Guy. Fangirl joined us which was lovely. By the time breakfast was over I had less than an hour before I had to be somewhere else so no time to run then and afterwards... well the day slipped away. Thought about going in the mid afternoon but then Fixit Guy decided he would come come too so we walked.

Hopefully my next report in next week I will be able to report that I have continued to keep up my steps despite being away on holidays and no dog to nag us for a twice daily walk.

Fixit Stats Weekly 7 day steps (as at 11.30 Friday) 81,054

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