Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Musings

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I've made some progress yesterday on my Riverwalk quilt.
I was concerned that the bottom of the quilt which consisted of 3 rows of dark greens was too harsh and too "solid" compared to the rest of the quilt which appeared very random in the colour placement

I considered putting some light browns and beiges there to reflect the dry grasses that are so prevalent down there at the moment.

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I didn't like that look either.

I took the bottom 3 rows of dark green off my Riverwalk banner/wall hanging. The bottom 2 rows of these I left as they were but one row I pulled apart and using some mid greens I made 2 more rows which I then added to the bottom of the banner before reattaching the two dark green rows. I feel it has mixed things up a bit more and made the dark gren less harsh.

Now I am working on finishing it off. Usually I don't quilt my banners for church. I usually "pillow case" them. ie I cut a backing for the banner, put them right sides together and then sew around 3.5 sides, turn the quilts right sides out, Press, sew the opening shut. Sometimes I sew stay bars across, if the banner is a long one to keep them from curling in on themselves.

This one I am thinking of quilting. I have some old flannel sheets that I could use as wadding/batting as it doesn't need to be very heavy. Not sure what I have that will serve as backing but my main concern is how would I bind it? I am not sure that I want this to have the frame or border that most binding would give. Pillow casing it would give the neatest finish but I don't always get a very crisp edge when I do that so I am still thinking. I am not sure how I would quilt it either. It would give the potential for more texture and added design elements but I am not sure that I am up to that yet.

Thinking thinking thinking

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