Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Friday

Checking in again with my Fitness update

We've been away on holidays since last Saturday. We travelled 9 hours on Saturday so it is no wonder I didn't make my steps on Saturday. Sunday we travelled some more and then spent time settling into our motel unit and recovering from our travels so again didn't make my my steps. Infact my steps for the 2 days only totalled about 7000 steps.

Monday we had meetings with our financial advisor and our solicitor and since that involved a fair bit of walking around the city I got my steps up and a few extra which was good.

Tuesday we were travelling again... not so far this time - only an hour and a half. We went for a late afternoon walk. I thought we were just going for a walk but in the end we had dinner whilst we were out since we had ended up in an area with restaurants etc. By the time we walked home we had our steps up.

Wednesday and Thursday we went for several bush walks in the National Parks surrounding where we were staying. Wednesday we managed a total of 20 000 steps, a new record for me with my Fitbit. Yay. I was glad to get back to our lovely cottage and enjoy a soak in our spa tub which had beautiful views across the coastal plains to the sea. Thursday was less strenuous - only 12 000 steps but it was good to get them.

Today we were travelling again for most of the day. I had a bit of free time after we arrived (Fixit Guy had a meeting to go to almost straight away) I was able to find the beach and have a bit of a walk before it was time for dinner and then some evening meetings. Breakfast is at 7 AM so not sure that I am going to be able to get myself up and moving to get a walk in before hand but I will try. Otherwise might be able to find a break during the day to get some walking around done.

No running done. I did bring my jogging gear but haven't really been in a place where I could run safely. I could try it tomorrow... maybe. Don't think I will though.

As to diet. Yeah. Nah. That didn't happen. Fixit Guy and I have eaten out for most meals most days. We have had some beautiful meals. I don't do the whole take a photo of my food routine. Now I can't remember what I had when but it was all yummy. It is partly - mostly why I was keeping as active as I could so as to not do too much damage to the waist line. When I get home it is going to be back to being very strict and maybe even tracking what I eat. Have I said that before... probably. I do mean it... sort of.

Here are some photos from my walks in the National Parks.

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  1. I love walking in National Parks - you have some lovely photos of your walks here!