Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fitness Friday on Saturday

I'm using the blogger ap on my iPhone. I just wrote a post and went to add photos. Had to alter privacy settings on my phone and in doing so lost the post. Grrr

I haven't kept up my usual number of steps this week. Being away from home and the dog who loves his 2 walks s day will do that to the routine. As a result my weekly step average is down as is my ranking. Never mind I'm not doing badly!
Saturday 5170 900km in a car knocks walking time about
Sunday 7325
Monday 10 244
Tuesday 7 967
Wednesday 14 540 (yay for craft fair walking and associated walks to and from buses and trains)
Thursday 6 330
Friday 18 455 lovely beach walk and 2 walks to conference centre and associated walking about our camp site

The meetings start today so walking will be limite but will try to get some in
We had a Blood Moon Wednesday night but sadly also had cloud cover. This was my best shot

Our beach walk yesterday 

I haven't put the link up this week. Sorry. No time to work it out and can't do it on the phone ap. Might get it up later

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  1. I'm not enamoured of idevices at the moment so you have all my sympathy.
    Surely you did enough walking at the craft show for the entire holiday!