Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - its getting repetitive

Once again I have a nil all draw to report. No fabric bought and no fabric used.

I have been making steady progress on the Jean's Jean qulit, the denim circles quilt. I had an unexpected bonus of being able to sew in the last camp we were at. I didn't think I would be able to as we didn't have a powered site however there was power in the camp kitchen. Our first night there the only other campers were a couple in the caravan. They came to the kitchen to boil their jug once and since there was 4 outlets it wasn't a problem. The 2nd night we had the place to ourselves and the 3rd night there were 3 other camp sites occupied but they didn't use the camp kitchen at all. Yay. Mind you we went on lots of walks and caught up with some friends too so it wasn't as though I spent the whole time sewing but it was lovely to be able to do it when I felt like it.

We moved to our current campsite yesterday. We do have a powered site here but they advised us that we can't use heavy drawing things like jugs or toasters or microwaves as it is only solar powered. The sewing machine has been fine though. I have made more progress on the quilt here and in fact am up to sewing the blocks into strips. I have worked out how to do it so as to be able to get the quilt under the harp of the machine, which being my little Janome Gem, is only small. So long as I keep it to just two or three circles of the denim at a time it is sweet. So currently I have sewn 2 complete strips that are the width of the quilt... 15 circles by 2 and 3 circles. I have other strips started. .. 2 are up to having their last two circles zigzagged down and the other 4 are up to 9 circles.

the view from my sewing area in our current location

Current sewing companions. Missing my home group of sewing friends but making do with the locals!

We are moving onto Bega tomorrow to a regular town type caravan park so we will have power and I should get all the strips completed by then. Not sure if I will get any of the strips attached to each other. It is going to depend on what else we decide to do in Bega. There is a chance of some whale watching... various tours go from around there and I am a bit keen to do that. We also have to do the boring stuff like washing and shopping.

I only booked Bega as we drove here yesterday. If I had waited till we got here I might have decided we could stay on here for a few more nights. It is really lovely camping ground, right on the beach. The sites are beautifully grassy and the amenities block well appointed. Never mind. Bega might be equally entrancing. I'll let you know on Wednesday check in.

Used this week:                               0.00m

Added this week                              0.00m

Year to Date Used                       123.13m
Year to Date added                      90.82m
Net Used                                          32.31m


  1. Lovely view from your sewing room! I'm enjoying that you are taking all of us on your camping trip with you--be safe!

  2. I'm always amazed at how much you and Jackie accomplish on the road. You put the rest of us to shame! Lol!