Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Museday - Doctor Who and stuff

Fixit Guy and I both enjoy watching Doctor Who. We are old enough and coming from Australia where the show was aired back in the 60s,  to remember the original Doctor Who. My siblings and I recall watching it whilst growing up. This week I am on holidays in Sydney and seeing my family so with a number of them (ok 2) the subject of Doctor Who came up. 

This is mostly because the new season is currently airing here but since FG and I are travelling in our camper trailer we don't have access to a tv so we missed the previous week's episode so this week, knowing I was in close proximity to my family I put out an appeal for someone who would have us to dinner on Sunday night and watch Doctor Who with us (or at least let us watch it at their place.) My brother George answered the call (yay for big brothers) and FG and I went there, had dinner with him and then we watched the latest episode. We still have to watch the previous week's episode. We could watch it on iView - the web site where our ABC has the shows from the previous 2 weeks for people to catch up on. However as we are operating on data from our phone we thought that might chew through it at a rate of knots.

Last night (Monday night) we had dinner with another sibling, my sister Patricia. Brother George came too (Well we gate crashed his weekly dinner with them) The subject of Doctor Who came up again. What did we think of the new Doctor?This question had also come up when we were having dinner with my friend Allison (waves again - she reads this) the week previously, and also at dinner with George. Then listening to Nonie on The Quilting Pot, she also mentioned watching Doctor Who and not being taken by this new guy.

This current doctor is so much more abrasive than the affable, lovable, almost buffoon like Matt Smith's doctor. As we discussed it - his abrasiveness, his rudeness, is bluntness to the point of nastiness it seems, I mentioned that initially I hadn't like Matt Smith's doctor very much. He was to silly and such a ... well buffoon. He grew on me. The common consensus we reached was that it was deliberate. Some of us oldies recalled that the earliest doctors weren't warm and fuzzy types either, so perhaps he is a deliberate throwback to those times.

And we were all intrigued by the mysterious woman who keeps popping in now and then at the end of the shows with little comments about Paradise and Heaven. This week she made allusion to Clara, as having been chosen well. Who is she? What is she going to contribute? She is the continuing story arch in this series, just like Bad Wolf was in another series, the crack in time in another series and the weird woman with the eye patch who kept appearing to Amy in yet another series. Intriguing and will definitely keep us watching avidly when we can.

The new series has inspired a few new projects by my daughter Fangirl. She has designed some new cross stitches based on sentences and themes from various episodes. She has heaps of other Doctor Who themed cross stitches as well as ones from Diskworld, Harry Potter, and other geeky tv shows, books and games. Check out her Etsy Shop here or her blog  Fangirl Stitches here

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Scottish Eyebrows Quote Cross Stitch - PDF Pattern - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi A Good Man Cross Stitch - PDF Pattern - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

This one doesn't have the new doctor on it but its very cool
Doctor Who Alphabet Quotes Cross Stitch - PDF Pattern - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Doctor Who Clara Oswald Season Seven 7 Run You Clever Boy And Remember Cross Stitch - PDF Pattern - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Are you watching the new series? What do you think?

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