Friday, October 17, 2014

Fitness Friday

How has your week been? Have you been meeting your own personal fitness goals be it diet, exercise or making sure you take care of your self in other ways.

I had meeting running for 5 days this past week but I still tried hard to get  my 10 000 steps a day and I managed fairly well inspite of the  all day meetings. There was a bit of jogging on the spot necessary on a few days at the end of the day. I had a couple of notable failures, specifically yesterday when we were driving from Grafton where we had overnighted to my sister's place near Newcastle. That necessitated 6 hours in the c ar. There was still enough time once we got to Midge's place to get the steps up but instead we sat and drank tea and chatted and caught up with each other. Their two local their daughters and families came for dinner so more catching up and chatting went on. So my steps yesterday were abysmal.

Today I haven't made any effort to get steps either. More sitting and catching up and some hand craft took up the morning and now we are on the road again heading for Sydney. Perhaps once we get the camper trailer set up we shall be able to go for a walk in the bush surrounding the camping

Last Friday was a huge day. I ended up with over 18 000 steps. That has kept me bouyant all week. Today though that figure has fallen off my 7 days average and with yesterday's very low steps (under 2 000) I have plummeted through the ranks going from 4th in my friends to 13th. Oops. Anyway I shall rise again

My stats for this week
Saturday 10 477. I walked to and from the conference centre. There was also a few trips across to the ablutions block from the camp site. And some jogging on the spot to push me over the line
Sunday 10 875 Walked to and from confence centre twice. Apart from our going to and from for the days events a friend came back to our campsite and we walked out to find a dinner place and then walked her back to the conference centre afterwards. She was staying on site (Waves to Ali cause she reads this blog She admired the quilt on our bed and called it by its name, Sunburnt Zebras having recognised it from this blog. :)  )
Monday 10 148 Walk to and from conference, a lunch time walk and some jogging on the spot
Tuesday 10 143 Walk to and from conference centre plus a walk at dinner time down to the sea front with Ali (waves again) and Suzy
Wednesday 10 304 Packed up the camper trailer which earned a few steps, drove to the conference centre. Some walking about during the day, a bit of a walk to find dinner that night after we had driven for a few hours and then lots of jogging on the spot whilst I watched Frost on tv back in the motel room
Thursday 1 981 Such a slack day. We were in the car from 6.30 till 2 apart from stops for breakfast and lunch but no walking to speak of. Sitting and chatting when we arrived and no jogging on the spot before bed. It was a bit late and I knew that my numbers were so low it just wasn't going to make much difference. Ho hum
Friday 10 078. Lots of running on the spot to get over the line just a few minutes ago

The Moderator of the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod Rev David Baker with the presbytery minister of Calvary Presbytery at the closing communion service for the synod (Photo courtesy of UCAQld Facebook page)

Me offering communion to another synod representative. (that's me on the left)
 (Photo courtesy of UCAQld Facebook page)
Standing with a sign giving support to the muslim people of Australia (I'm behind and slightly left of the moderator)
 (Photo courtesy of UCAQld Facebook page)

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