Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday

As I type this we are heading out of Sydney We are up to Day 19 of our camping adventure. We've spent the last 5 nights camping in a National Park in the heart of Sydney. The view from our annexe was of a treed valley and a ridge covered in gums of all sorts. Flannel flowers were blooming in abundance amongst the bushes and shrubs close by. 

But on the ridge on the other side of the valley we could see sky scrapers and at night the lights that dotted the tree covered slopes showed that there were multiple homes down there. Scrub turkeys abounded around the camp and we had to be sure to zip up our annexe when we left it as they would come in scavenging for a feed. Fixit Guy forgot one time and one had a feed on our bread table. Mind you it ignored the apples, pears, bananas and carrots that were also on the table. We saw many other birds, a possum and a rabbit. The rabbit isn't good news. They are feral in Australia and not a good thing in a national park

I have made some progress on both of my projects that I have with me.

Jean's Jeans Quilt. 
I have had a few days where I have worked away on this. All 42 of the 4 circle units and the one 9 circle unit have been completed and 6 of the13 6 circle units. I have the coloured squares pinned into the 6 circle units ready to be zigzagged down,

I have been trying to work out the best way to join the units together so as to be able to sew them successfully on my Janome Gem. The harp on it is not all that big so won't cope with too much fabric squished under there. I will join them into strips and add one strip at a time to the bigger unit. If I do the zigzag stitching all in the one direction I should be able to keep the bulk of the fabric to one side and I just may be able to complete the whole thing on my little machine. Stay tuned. Its still a way off yet. We are going to be camping in Morton National Park at Gambells Rest camping ground for the next 3 nights. 

The sites there are unpowered so we will be running on solar power and the generator so no sewing machine work. I do have some pinning to do so I will be able to make a little progress still. The reports were that mobile reception and internet access was patchy but I think that was across the whole park. Our camp ground is quite near the township of Bundanoon so hoping it will be better. 

Breaking News. We are now set up in our campsite and whilst the sites are unpowered there is a camp kitchen for campers use and it has power including power points so if I get desperate/really keen, I can go over there and sew. There is only one other lot of campers in the camping ground at the moment and they have a caravan so thinking that maybe it won't be in high demand. Oh and we have internet access too)

The denim side of the quilt showing the flowers that the zigzag stitching produces. This is 2 of the 6 circle units sewn together but the joining seam hasn't been zig zagged yet

The completed 4 and 6 circle units piled on my camping table.
Tea Shop Quilt.
Whilst staying with my sister Midge on Thursday night I was able to use her iron and ironing board to prepared some more applique blocks for me to work on since I had finished all the ones that I had bought with me. Spending time with Mum here in Sydney, sitting in her room with her or joining her at her various activities I have got 2 of these blocks almost completed as well. I do have another 6 or so. The other residents were very interested in what I was doing and many commented that I take after my mother because she too has always been a needleworker. Now she does a lot of knitting - simple squares that are crocheted together by one of the volunteers who comes to the facility on a weekly basis. The finished items are then sold in a sale of work and the money goes to benefit various projects that the group support. 
Fixit Guy with my Mum having dinner at her residential facility

Fixit Guy and I went to see this show on our last  night in Sydney. It was so much fun

James and Ben fooling around on stage. That's Dobby, the House Elf

After the show we went to the Guylian Cafe for a late dinner. Of course we had hot chocolate and desert too. This is the Belgian waffles with fruit and dipping sauce and praline ice cream. I had milk chocolate. FG had dark chocolate. It sure was good

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  1. There is a lot going on on your side! I just envy your weather as we are entering into cool days.

  2. Oh it all looks so good, and delicious too!